Tilian (10:00 PM)

Landon Tewers (9:05 PM)

Brent Walsh (8:15 PM)

Rivals (7:30 PM)

Wed, August 21, 2019

7:00 pm

Adv Tix $17.00/ DOS Tix $20.00

This event is all ages

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Tilian - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
The more questions we ask, the more inspiration we find. Tilian (Pearson) doesn’t stop questioning, and he keeps growing artistically as a result. The Florida-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer continues this existential search on his third full-length solo album and first for Rise Records, The Skeptic.
In keeping with the title, an urge to uncover answers informs the music, the lyrics, and the spirit of these ten tracks.
“Musically and in my personal life, I kept thinking, ‘I’ve got to find and explore some new ground’,” he affirms. “I’ve always been so much more questioning than most people around me are. I never really bought into things the way 90% of the crowd does. That sentiment communicated the idea of The Skeptic to me.”
It marks the next step on a journey he embarked upon in 2013. In tandem with fronting Dance Gavin Dance, the artist has prolifically released solo material over the past five years. He went from the full-length debut Material Me [2013] to the Future Friends EP [2014] before unveiling his sophomore LP Perfect Enemy [2015], and most recently the Patient EP [2017]. Amassing a string of fan favorites such as “True,” “Heartfelt,” and the single “Back To Life” with Jonny Craig, he regularly averages 220K monthly listeners on Spotify in between packing shows coast to coast. Prior to making Dance Gavin Dance’s Artificial Selection, he retreated to Portland for three weeks in the fall of 2017 to record what would become The Skeptic alongside producer and frequent collaborator Kris Crummett.
This time around, the music hinged on Tilian’s iridescent riffing at its root.
“This is a lot more guitar-based than anything I’ve ever done before,” he explains. “That came from writing most of it myself. Even if did have a co-write, I often rewrote the production so each song could fit the same style. In the past, it’s been more programming-based. It’s got a vibe of post hardcore and dream pop crossed over now.”
During the sessions, wildfires burned around the Portland area. That atmosphere slightly affected the recording as his voice “came off super smoky with a little extra grit on the softer stuff.” Between that and the six-string expansion, the sonic palette dramatically widens for Tilian. The first single “Cocky” struts from guitar awash in chorus towards a catchy and confessional vocal admission, “I got a little too cocky.”
“It’s a story of a one-night stand you think you are on top of, and you catch feelings—and she doesn’t,” he sighs. “You go, ‘Oh shit, I went into this thinking it would be okay, and it’s not’.”
Elsewhere, “Hold On” illuminates the expanse of his voice over lush guitars and booming percussion. He pens a different kind of “love song” by urging, “Hold on to me now. You’re not invincible.”
Album closer “Ghost Town” commences on a thudding bass lie punctuated by finger snaps. Soon, it shuffles into a swaggering pre-chorus highlighting his falsetto before the hauntingly hypnotic refrain.
“I actually did that one in my apartment,” he states. “I was going to write it about this dark depression, but it got brighter and brighter. There’s a catharsis throughout the song. I wasn’t with Rise yet when I did the album. I had funded it myself. I was in a place where I was just going to see where things went. It gets lighter at the end, reflecting the general mood.”
As he continues posing questions on this journey, Tilian has a better grasp on himself as an artist than ever before, and that shines through The Skeptic.
“I’m optimistic and excited,” he leaves off. “I’ve been through the ringer, but I’ve had a pretty awesome and fortunate life. The whole journey is ongoing, and I get to be responsible for it.”
Landon Tewers - (Set time: 9:05 PM)
Landon Tewers
Brent Walsh - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Brent Walsh
I could use this space to write something long-winded, boasting of random accomplishments I've made in regards to the music industry... but you don't want that...

You probably just want to hear some of the music I've made in order to determine if I'm the right guy to give birth to your little song baby (I think I am for the record). But talking about how I tour and write music won't do much for either of us, so instead I figured I'd just link a bunch of music videos I've made over the last few years.

You can stream my entire new solo record"Are You Even There at All" or old solo record "7" on spotify or YouTube, which will probably be more of the style you're going for. The genres on this record range from: singer/songwriter, pop, blues, progressive, hip hop, acoustic, electronic and acappella.

Or if you want to hear more of my songwriting in "rock" form, you can stream my main project "I the Mighty" on spotify or YouTube as well.
Rivals - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
RIVALS is a dark pop-rock band from Los Angeles, CA formed in 2014 by vocalist Kalie Wolfe , bassist Sebastian Chamberlain , guitarist Micket Woodle and drummer Josh Alves. Driven by Wolfe’s powerhouse vocals and the band’s infectious yet raw sound, RIVALS is fueled by powerful and energetic songwriting, bringing forth a type of fearlessness in their music that stands out among the rest. Since the release of their debut EP in 2015, titled Haunted/Hunted , the band has been making waves and for good reason. Revered by many on their live performance, RIVALS has previously toured the country with bands like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Story Untold and Uh Huh Baby Yeah!, in addition to sharing a lineup with acts like, The Word Alive and Oceans Ate Alaska on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. The band’s impressive live performances also led to partnerships with MEE Audio , D’Addario , SJC Drums, Sennheiser and TRX Cymbals .

In 2016, RIVALS gained mass attention with their unique take on twenty one pilotsʼ track, “ Heathens ,” which has garnered over 700,000 listens collectively across Spotify, YouTube and other streaming platforms. Now, the band has unveiled their first full-length LP, Damned Soul , which was released on February 2, 2018 via SmartPunk Records . Damned Soul was produced by John Espy (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) and Aaron Edwards (Sick Puppies, Elohim, The Cab), with additional writing for drums and mixing/mastering by Cody Stewart (The Browning, Rings of Saturn, Falling In Reverse). Filled with 10 powerful and emotional tracks, Damned Soul has gathered over 1,200,000 total streams across all platforms.

"...The hooks are monumental without feeling bubblegum, allowing the emotions to ruminate and not feel immediately cheapened by how unbelievably catchy each and every chorus is" - Substream Magazine
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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