Vaud & The Villains

Vaud & The Villains (10:15 PM)

Sister Speak (9:15 PM)

True Violet (8:30 PM)

Fri, July 12, 2019

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $20.00/ DOS Tix $25.00

This event is all ages

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Vaud & The Villains - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Vaud & The Villains
Vaud and the Villains was born out of whimsical dreams, glitter and boa feathers. The big show is a 19 piece orchestra and cabaret, and has evolved over the years from a folk band singing traditional tunes…to an originally voiced genre bending spectacle commonly described as Americana Noir meets Moulin Rouge. At once seedy and inspiring…gritty and sublime. Bring your wretched souls, your sins and your dancing feet…they will save you and you will never be the same…

The band is founded by Andy Comeau and Dawn Lewis, known in the show as Vaud Overstreet and Peaches Mahoney. Both of them have had successful careers as actors but in 2008, were moved by the Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions, to create some sort of large ensemble musical family. They shared a love for old traditional folk songs they had both known growing up and became inspired by how the music has lived for so long and retained not only a relevance but an ability to galvanize large groups of people. They began setting new arrangements to old songs and new, all drawn upon the themeatic message of the show’s stolen motto: “Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner Has A Future”. Its visceral, uplifting, over the top fun. And the unmistakable message of hope, duality, acceptance and inspriation creeps up on you like a fink on a lonely dark street. The ever evolving cast of the show is comprised of a five piece horn section, incredible vocalists, a rhythm section, and three dancers.

They have played for the Telluride Jazz Festival, The Live Oak Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, LEAF Festival, “The Simpsons Take The Bowl” @ The Hollywood Bowl, the Cannes International Film Festival, appeared on Showtimes’s House of Lies, CARSLA(City of Santa Monica), Pasadena’s Levitt Pavilion, City of Santa Clarita, LACMA’s ArtWalk, OC Weekly, for the City of West Hollywood, House of Blues, Drink Eat Play, El Rey Theatre, Cirque Berzerk, Clear Channel, and Disney Studios. They have traveled to New Orleans, Chicago, Indiana, New York, Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas, Colorado and Arizona. They have headlined the Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles three times.

Who are the Villains…?

I understand. And I want to help you, but I can only offer you what I know. Which is very little in the way of intimacies. The Villains formed when I came to town inconspicuously to flee oppression in a neighboring state. Apparently music is very dangerous because it leads to dancing and dancing leads to people remember who they really are. So I ran here to see about shining more light into darkness. See…that is a lie. I am trying to get better about the lying. I came here to this town we are all in tonight…for a woman. Its always a woman. On a whim she decided to leave the aforementioned neighboring state and come here. So here I am. Peaches Mahoney is the queen of the Villains. A pickpocket, muse, survivor, a trendsetter. She once proclaimed she was no longer eating meat and suddenly one by one all the Villains began to suddenly change their diets as well. Imagine their surprise when we were served vegan meals a few weeks later and they witnessed Peaches eating a double cheeseburger claiming she has just “changed her mind” about “all that”. We would be lost without her. I sure would.

The Overstreet Brothers; turns out my father was a prolific sort and I am gifted from his wanderings with my brothers…Two Boots – sousaphone, helped nurse me off many a bender. The most animated of the Villains…and cannot be found without a number of the finest spirits on his person at all times. Shakes Overstreet – trumpet, hails from Seattle. We learned we both crave truffle fries at 11:11pm and from this odd similarity, we compared other likenesses and low and behold…we are brothers. Kidd Overstreet – trombone, is not a bastard but sometimes he’s a bastard. He is classic middle child and perfectionist…all or nothing. If you don’t floss, do not inform him of this fact. His glares are long and cold and stay with you for a surprising length of time. He can and has survived in the wild for three days with nothing but a bowie knife. Low Down Kate – bass. When you have a hot dame slappin’ a big bass fiddle, you hold on to that tighter than the arm of that guy that dangled me off the roof of the Herald Tribune building that one time. Low Down Kate is super sweet. Unless you are a neighborhood cat. Then she will tempt you, trap you, and cut off your balls. But she will feed you forever after that, so there are pluses and minuses. Blackburn James – drums, my uncle. Occasionally rambles on like a madman…when I first heard from him, he was convinced people were trying to have him committed to a mental ward. I don’t think anyone was. But sometimes the way his face looks when he hits those drums…you wonder if he is somehow envisioning a person he doesn’t care for very much. I stay on good terms with him. Loose Lips Leon – guitar. One of the great monsters in the Villains. I don’t know his real name. He got his “Villain name” because of his profound ability to remain silent for entire legs of tours. When he picks up that guitar though…silent is not a word I would use to describe him. Hollywood – banjo. He plays almost every instrument we have on the stage. I have never seen a single hair out of place on his head. He once shared a hotel room with Kidd Overstreet and while Kidd was showering, Hollywood took every item that could move and placed it on Kidd’s bed, then turned out the lights and went to sleep. He was sober at the time and they remain friends. Mad Paddy – violin. We met Mad Paddy on a cold night in New England. We are all winding down from a late show and he was arguing with the front desk clerk in semi coherent phrases about the fact that he couldn’t find his room on the third floor. When the clerk told him the hotel only had two floors, he insisted there must be a mistake. There was. His hotel was next door. Blind Dog – keys. He has captured some of the best Villain moments on camera. He receives his name for his exquisite taste in filtering out all of our cinematic shortcomings and for his unrivaled loyalty. Fatina Noir -singer…we met her outside a bar where there was a ruckus…there was a woman berating a no good cheatin’ man with a degree of volume that gave me pause. I thought, I bet that girl can sing. Perhaps a delicate moment to ask but I found a way. In the beginning, she used to wear a little bracelet of teeth. After it made children cry, we had to ask her to not wear it anymore. So far so good. Sugar Cherie – singer. You wouldn’t think that someone so sweet would have such a dark past. She once turned down a solicitation of marriage from a prince because of a dark vision she had the night before. Some say that she is Russian by birth but you will never hear her speak the language. We had all these beautiful songs written and couldn’t find the right voice for all of them until Sugar came in to the Villains. King Easy – singer. From royal stock and true blood, the man is a freak of nature. Easily able to complete any feat of strength you could imagine. He was a policeman when we first met but I could tell right away, he was meant to be singin’ the blues, not wearing them. Is that corny? Okay. Lets see. Fact: almost every villain on stage is wearing something that King has found for them specifically. The man has pipes AND panache. Magnifique – dancer. Known for her death defying aerial maneuvers, we saw her fly over an audience and steal a man’s hat. We all agreed she needed to be a Villain. I still have not gotten my hat back. Dollface – dancer. The Aussie dame doesn’t quit. No seriously…once she starts something, anything, she has a hard time putting it down. More than once we have been looking for her after a long day’s drive and found her practicing her moves in the moonlight of the hotel rooftop. Charlotte Charmaine – dancer. The daughter of a railroad tycoon, Charlotte came to us when she was having a “I want to run away with the circus” moments. Now we have some much dirt on her, she can never leave.
Sister Speak - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Sister Speak
Canadian born and now both BC and California-residing Sherri Anne is at the core of Sister Speak, an indie-pop (and rock/blues/world music) entity that creates warm, uplifting, and thought-provoking music. Sister Speak’s forthcoming EP combines Indie/Pop and electronic music into a refreshing new sound. After recovering from a major injury, Sherri Anne set out to share her passionate songwriting and hopeful message around the globe.

“Sister Speak’s latest single, the lyrically resonant and vocally passionate “The Stand” has arrived with an accompanying video that is a breathtaking montage of crisp and vivid shots of panoramic vistas, sacred sites, and up-close perspectives of the daily life of Peruvians.” – Label Obscura, Toronto ON

The Stand was produced and recorded by Avli Avliav(Warner, Sony) in Los Angeles, mixed by Grammy Award winning Alan Sanderson in San Diego, and mastered by Erick Labson in LA at United Mastering.
The Stand 1600 x 1600 FINAL

Pre-Order Sister Speak’s NEW EP Through Pledge Music: Click here

Sister Speak’s debut album, Rise Up For Love, was released in 2014 and since then, Sister Speak has performed over 500 shows, headlined some of California’s top music clubs, supported acts like Xavier Rudd, Mike Love (Hawaii), Air Supply, Chris Isaak and appeared on Canada’s global TV, FM 91.1 San Diego, at N.A.M.M. Sister Speak performs at numerous music festivals all over the US and western Canada. The music has hit radio airwaves throughout Canada, the USA and Europe – mainly CBC Canada, BBC Europe and California commercial radio. Sister Speak won Best Pop at the 2017 San Diego Music Awards.

More on Sister Speak:

In 2012, Sherri Anne was healing from a major pelvis break. While in recovery, Anne’s experience of extreme vulnerability opened the channels to pursue what truly inspired her and it was during this trying time when the majority of the songs for Rise Up For Love came through – imbued with the notion of rising out of whatever hardship is going on, coming back to the people, to the world, with the desire to share compassion, life and love.

After the group opened for Air Supply in San Diego, Anne connected with producer Avli Avliav who was subbing as keys player for Air Supply that night. This led to the making of a folk-electronic inspired EP, recorded at Avli’s studio in Los Angeles, with the first single “The Stand,” released in April 2017, along with a music video filmed abroad during global travels.

“The Stand” was written on a rooftop in Mexico in the wake of a tropical storm during Sister Speak’s first international tour. “The song is filled with an insurmountable flood of emotion about what had happened to so many of the earth’s most gorgeous places” says Sherri Anne. “Mostly a result of imperialism and aggressive religious pursuits.”

For the video, Sherri Anne traveled to Peru and Bolivia with a film crew for two weeks, capturing footage at Machu Picchu, Cusco, Puno and other sacred sites. It was a daunting, bold and spiritual journey that reflected the pure conviction of the song. A call to be courageous and vulnerable in this highly complex socio-political atmosphere.

Sister Speak has played notable venues such as headlining at The Belly Up and Casbah in San Diego, Humphrey’s on the Bay (with Chris Isaak and Air Supply), The Coach House, The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier, House of Blues San Diego, The Namm Show, Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, Juno-Fest and Canadian Music Week showcases in Toronto, CBC Vancouver, Sunpeak’s summer concert series with the Arkell’s and Alan Doyle, Komasket Music Festival with the Wailers, and various events throughout the USA and Canada, Mexico and Germany.
True Violet - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
True Violet
True Violet is an American indie-blues band formed in 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Jessy Covets (lead vocals/guitar) and sisters: Kayla Miller (drums/vocals) and Alayna Miller (bass/vocals). Though the band was formed in 2015, the trio started creating music together when they met in Florida in 2011.

After living together for 3 years, the girls decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue their musical career. Shortly after arrival, True Violet was formed and they immediately began performing all over LA. While the bands sound is heavily influenced by indie and folk elements, the girls share an extreme passion for soul and blues.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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