New Hope Club

New Hope Club

Wed, July 17, 2019

7:00 pm


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New Hope Club
New Hope Club
Rising trio New Hope Club are set to take the world by storm in 2019. Comprised of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith, the group signed to Hollywood Records US and VirginEMI UK and have been touring the world, releasing multi-million streaming singles, and selling out shows including two headline dates at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire this Summer.

New Hope Club started to take shape back in 2015. George had been posting videos of himself covering some of his favourite tunes on YouTube and caught the attention of Prestige Management (The Vamps, McFly, Busted) who immediately wanted to sign him and suggested he start a band. “I remember getting a Facebook message and just being like Oh.My.God. I didn’t believe it!” From then onwards, George trawled the internet looking for potential band mates and discovered Blake on YouTube. “I met a few people but no one quite clicked but then I met Blake and I just knew he was someone I wanted to make music with.”

The two lived on opposite sides of the country but wrote together every opportunity they could. The two continued their search for another two band members. “We saw Reece on the X Factor and we immediately thought that he’d be so good, he was what we needed” Blake adds. George and Blake arranged to meet Reece and their chemistry was undeniable. They shared the same music tastes, same goals and same visions for the band. A plan to get a fourth member was forgotten and New Hope Club was formed.

The group bonded and immediately started getting to know each other. George observes “The first night we all hung out we all watched SuperBad in my living room. That night was epic. I’ve still got videos of Reece banging his head on the duvet. It was important to us to be best friends before the music”.

The group has an overarching voice – they communally agree on a direction and style, with the help of the highest calibre of songwriters and producers. The band are keen to carve out their own niche: “We don’t want to keep doing what everyone else is doing. We’re trying to be unique and experimental in different things”, Blake says.

Their latest track Crazy was produced by Iain Kirkpatrick and Jason Evigan, who have previously worked with Dua Lipa, Maroon 5 and Jason Derulo. They have also added Matt Radd (Martin Garrix, Little Mix, One Direction), Mark Ralph (Clean Bandit, Years and Years, Jax Jones) and Red Triangle (Charlie Puth, David Guetta, James Arthur) to the incredible roster of producers helping them carve their own path to household status.

The three-piece are currently working on their debut album but delighted fans with the release of their second EP, Welcome To The Club Pt. 2 recently. The EP features previously released tracks Crazy and Medicine, new song Karma and a special live version of Let Me Down Slow. Welcome To The Club Pt. 2 hit the top 10 in the iTunes album charts in a whopping 18 countries upon release, and also topped the iTunes pre-order chart in 8 countries including the UK!

The band’s shot to stardom is swift but steady, with the boys gaining more and more exposure each second. By infusing their pop sound with influences from the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and Blossoms, New Hope Club are carving out their own style and are swiftly gaining ground to becoming a household name in their own right.

Individual Bios


Blake grew up in Macclesfield and his family played an important part in shaping him as a musician. Ever since he was a youngster, he had an affinity for guitars, playing around with toy-versions until he was gifted the real instrument: “I always had a fake guitar in the house while growing up and I was trying to play it even though it was just a toy. So I kept playing this fake guitar, but I wanted a real one, so when I was 6 I got given my first actual guitar.”

Blake’s affinity for pop-infused tunes spurred from his parent’s record collection. “From my mum’s side, I definitely got into pop. She was into Michael Jackson and The Beatles and they were always playing in the house when I was little. I got my love for Green Day and Oasis from my dad’s side however.”

Blake recalls some tough times during his early teen years, and found therapy and escape in playing the guitar and writing songs - “I could just express my feelings by singing whatever was on my mind. They probably weren’t the best songs though... I played a few of the songs at school talent shows and at local events near where I lived but would get so nervous”.

George discovered Blake on YouTube covering That Girl by McFly, when he was just 14. Blake remembers that moment well; “I was stood up in my kitchen playing the song like I was live at the Manchester Arena to thousands of people, when actually it was just my Mum holding my iPad trying to keep the camera still.”


George grew up in London and moved to Bedfordshire at the age of 4. He initially expressed an interest in music at the age of 11 when he found his father’s electric guitar and tried to mimic George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord. He spent 5 hours trying to mirror the song. “My dad had this electric guitar from Argos, it was this really really cheap guitar. It was actually horrible, it doesn’t sound too bad if you put it through an amp, but when I was playing it I obviously never had a guitar lesson. So yeah, I was trying to mimic the patterns in George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord for about 4 to 5 hours.” However, the first anthem that he professionally learned on the guitar was Day Tripper from The Beatles. “When I had my first real guitar lesson, I learned Day Tripper from The Beatles and from there I just started playing every day and not stopping. One of the other reasons I started was because this girl that I liked in school said in class that she liked The Beatles and I really wanted to impress her!”.

His first original materials came to life when he was only 14 of age and started participating in various music competitions. George had a very proactive approach towards his career and actively sought out live singing opportunities by reaching out to pub managers and asking to play in their venue. ”I started getting in touch with people about going into pubs and playing. I was only 14 at the time, so it was quite intimidating.” He used to have his mum drive him around for hours and hours to play pub shows around the country. At the age of 15, he was already playing an average of 160 live shows per year. “I played every week pretty much in different pubs and my mum and dad would drive me around for hours and hours. As time passed, I started getting more comfortable with being on stage and I started writing more songs. It was a great experience to have while I was so young, getting to meet so many different people and seeing a different audience every night.”

He continued by posting all of his music on YouTube. This was the defining moment for New Hope Club, as he quickly caught the music industry’s attention, including his current management.


Reece also had a musical upbringing, similar to his bandmates’. His father was a drummer and his interest in music spurred at the age of 3 when he tested out his father’s drum kit. “My dad was a drummer and he had a drum kit in the house, so on my 3rd Christmas when I was a little baby, I got my first drum set. My parents still have videos of me from when I was little and I was banging on the drums.” Soon after, Reece started to express interest in practicing the guitar, after realising that he was keener on being at the front of the group as opposed to taking a back seat. “I got a little bit bored of playing drums and being at the back, so I started learning the guitar on YouTube when I was about 9. I got pretty good and then I started singing with the guitar and I was enjoying that more than I was enjoying drums.”

He swiftly gathered a following by posting covers on YouTube at the age of 9. Similar to George, Reece played live shows in pubs and at weddings from an early age. When he was 15 he was scouted for The X Factor. After his audition, Simon Cowell placed him in the group Stereokicks who scored 5th place in the competition. The intensity of the show helped pave the way for his career in New Hope Club. “I think that brought me out of my shell because I was quite shy as a kid and from that I got to meet the boys and that was definitely the stepping stone to getting where I am now.“

Blake and George’s original goal was to go by the classic band formula and have a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass and drums. They found Reece whilst he was singing on X Factor and upon meeting him, they decided that it was perfect just the three of them.
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