“Life of the Party Tour” ft. Wallpaper., Neon Hitch

Event Cancelled: Refunds at point of purchase.

“Life of the Party Tour” ft. Wallpaper., Neon Hitch

“Life of the Party Tour” ft.


Neon Hitch

Sun, November 18, 2012

8:00 pm



This event is all ages

Regretfully, Neon Hitch is needing to pull out of the Life of the Party tour, therefore all dates will be cancelled. Both Wallpaper. and Neon Hitch are very disappointed they can’t party with you this fall, but hope to see you on the road in the near future. Refunds will be given at the point of purchase.

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Wallpaper. is, in many ways, Ricky Reed. The indulgent and ever-stylish frontman is more than just a sweet pair of shades and a gold-plated microphone. He’s a bona fide viral hustler, a disco ball-busting showman and an extremely gifted producer expertly blurring glitzy pop and raunchy rap with anthemic rock and electronic funk. But Wallpaper. is other things too—a raging four-piece, for one, but most importantly, Wallpaper. is you. You and me and everyone we know on our best night ever, positively #STUPiDFACEDD, champagnin’ with no plans in the morning.

When first we met Ricky Reed, he was busy crushing Oakland house parties and selling CD-Rs out the trunk of his car. He’d called upon his earliest influences—P-Funk, Afrobeat, Bay Area rap, Prince—and come away with sweaty, swaggerful beats imbued with a real musicality. Meanwhile, his Lynchian video blogs (a little David and a lot of Liam) and inventive remixes and mashups earned him out-of-town props, particularly when his sax-blaring remake of Das Racist’s “Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell” went totally freaking atomic.

Wallpaper.’s debut LP, Doodoo Face, was a masterful collision of buoyant percussion, synth blurt, heavy bass and wild narcissism as strong for its legit songwriting chops as for its illicit party-wrangling. Naturally, the live show evolved in step with the music, into a truly visceral thing with double drummers pounding out a thunderous beat behind Ricky Reed and his partner, the charismatic and supremely sassy Novena Carmel. Witnessed in person, whether in a theater or a college quad, their sound is busting at its well-tailored seams, outsized and overpowering.

Ricky Reed initially self-released Wallpaper.’s breakout single, “#STUPiDFACEDD,” dubbed an “awesomely doltish ode to Saturday-night oblivion” by Entertainment Weekly. The subsequent video was hand-picked for MTV’s Indie Music Month coverage and has since racked up over a million views. The song infiltrated several episodes of Jersey Shore too, and inspired MTV and Extreme’s HYPE Music to team up with Evan Bogart’s freshly launched Boardwalk Records for an innovative release partnership. Enter the #STUPiDFACEDD EP, a genre-bending, thump-addled set featuring a guest turn from Bay Area rap legend Too $hort, serving to sate appetites until Wallpaper.’s Boardwalk LP arrives.

Now, as radio stations fight over which format has dibs on him—Top 40, Alternative, Rhythmic—Ricky Reed continues to do what he does best: put in work, create, tour, entertain. He’s currently co-writing music for Andrew W.K.’s next album, recently completed a song with funk godfather George Clinton, and covered Adele with a little help from raunchy rising Detroit emcee Danny Brown. He’s an in-demand remixer, working with artists as diverse as Britney Spears and Local Natives, and a beast on the road with a band that blares arena-sized energy. Ladies and gentlemen, look outside—if it’s the weekend, check the mirror—Wallpaper. has arrived.
Neon Hitch
Neon Hitch
2012 is about to get a lot brighter thanks to singer-songwriter Neon Hitch, and not just because she possesses fire-swinging abilities. The former trapeze artist who grew up on a school bus (yes, you read that correctly) has already lit up the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her magnetic vocals on the Gym Class Heroes hit “Ass Back Home.” Now she’s commanding attention on her own with the sassy single “Fu*k U Betta.” (Or “Love U Betta” if you’re more comfortable with the radio-friendly version.)

Deserving of “household name status” according to Spin, Neon was signed to Warner Bros. Records by American Idol and Platinum Hit’s Kara DioGuardi, the label’s Senior Vice President of A&R. Neon’s debut album, Beg, Borrow and Steal was produced by hit-maker Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Wiz Khalifa, Britney Spears). It also tells a fascinating story.

“Lyrically it's inspired by my upbringing,” says Neon. “So there's a lot of stories that sound fictional but they're actually real. I've had a very unconventional upbringing.”

Slight understatement! Even Neon’s birth story sounds like something the most talented Hollywood screenwriters couldn’t make up. While her mother was in labor in a London hospital, Neon’s father called with news, bad and good: “The house burnt down. But I’m alive!” Homeless from day one, Neon spent her early days in abodes that idled or wobbled: A boat, a truck, teepees, tents. At age five, she moved into a school bus that her mother, a “wild hippy” gymnast named Irene, gutted and renovated to resemble an apartment. The bus was to be Neon’s longest permanent residence, though it rarely stayed still. The family was always on the go, pulling up at carnivals and festivals around the UK where Neon would perform as a trapeze artist.

While the gypsy lifestyle helped Neon hone valuable skills as a performer, occasional stays with her father offered an early glimpse at the music business. Divorced from Irene shortly after Neon was born, Gary is a lighting technician who has illuminated stages for David Bowie, Sting, Annie Lenox and Duran Duran. He’s also responsible for Neon’s quirky name.

When Neon reached her teens, life on the bus started to unravel. The family was expanding but their mobile home was not. Frequent police raids were terrifying, and an abusive step-dad pushed her over the edge. At age fifteen, Neon ran away. Her destination was London and the date was no ordinary one: September 11th, 2001. As the world came to grips with the terror attacks in New York, Neon was forced to deal with her own uncertain reality. “I had to be a warrior,” she says.

Homelessness was a consistent theme for the restless, rebellious Neon as she bounced between her dad’s place in London, Europe and India. She did, however, find companionship in a boyfriend who as fate would have it, heard something special when Neon started singing in the backseat of a car one day. He introduced her to singer Neneh Cherry of “7 Seconds” fame, whose husband helped Neon make a demo.

British rapper Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) signed Neon to his record label The Beats Recordings in 2007 and the burgeoning singer started to live the dream, touring as an opening act for Skinner. She also opened for rapper 50 Cent alongside British rapper Professor Green. But when the label folded later that year, Neon found herself broke and roofless again, performing at squat parties in derelict buildings on the outskirts of London, crashing on couches - at one point she roomed with Amy Winehouse.

But it was when Benny Blanco flew Neon to New York for a meeting that Neon’s career took a pivotal turn. They clicked. Furthermore, Blanco picked up on Neon’s knack for writing song lyrics. Neon co-wrote Ke$ha’s top ten hit “Blah Blah Blah” from the artist’s No. 1 debut album Animal. She’s also written alongside Imogen Heap, Sia, Jason Derulo and Bruno Mars. And it was during a writing session with Kara DioGuardi, that DioGuardi decided Neon should be signed to WBR stat.

“Neon has a point of view and something to say,” says DioGuardi. “She also knows how to write hit songs which is the cornerstone of any successful artist's music career.”

In contrast to a dark-tinged past, Neon’s world now swirls in vibrant color. With flame-red hair, glowing green eyes (not to mention a fun, upbeat attitude) she brings a sense of magic and mystery to the room. Her modest one-bed apartment in New York – her “Gypsy palace” - is an eclectic mix of ornaments collected from her travels, including headdresses, capes and feathered bras. Not that she’s there much. She’s been on the go with Gym Class Heroes, performing at Madison Square Garden, on The Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as at VH1’s “Pepsi Superbowl Fan Jam.”

Beg, Borrow and Steal delivers an exotic mix of electro-pop, hip-hop and honeyed melodies. “Fu*k U Betta,” points out that even though your ex is now dating a supermodel, a special connection with him trumps all. “Looks aren’t everything,” says Neon, looking absolutely gorgeous. “Gold” is a dance-pop track co-written by Bruno Mars that’s so infectious there’s likely something wrong with you if you’re not humming it all day. Then there’s “Black and Blue” which confronts the issue of child abuse. “That song means a lot to me,” says Neon.

“It feels a bit phony singing what someone else has written. I don’t think anyone can tell my story better than I can so I think I’m best to just write my own songs. I have a lot that I need to say.”

Go for it, Neon. We’re listening.
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