K'noup Presents:

K'noup Presents:

Satellite Citi (9:30 PM)

Peyote Radio (10:15 PM)

Animal Super Species (8:00 PM)

Receiver (11:00 PM)

Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers (8:45 PM)

Fri, August 17, 2018

7:30 pm

Adv Tix $12.00 / DOS tix $18.00

This event is all ages

Facebook comments:

Satellite Citi - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Satellite Citi
Satellite Citi are an alt-rock two piece band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Anna Gevorkian (vocals/drums) and Shaunt Sulahian (guitars/backing vocals) are successful in pushing forth elements of multiple genres to create a truly unique and dynamic realm of sound. Combining Gevorkian’s melodic vocals and funk rock drumming style with Sulahian’s dynamic guitars and background in heavy metal, Satellite Citi resurrect the rock genre with a fresh and modern delivery.

Formed in 2015, the name Satellite Citi derived from the notion of a city where people communicate thoughts through their satellite minds. After working on previous solo projects, the duo realized their future of collaborating together. They teamed up with famed rock producer, Brad Wood (Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins) in creating their upcoming debut EP, Negative Space. It is inspired by topics which motivate them lyrically, from societal issues and corruption of politics, to battling internal demons and struggling to find solace. Gevorkian reveals, “the underlying theme in our music would be overcoming negative energy, hence the EP title, Negative Space. We want our music to encourage people to stand up when they’ve fallen”. Despite Negative Space being a raw, rock and roll EP filled with relentless energy and growling guitars, it thematically features sensitive and introspective subject matters.

Negative Space is due for release worldwide early 2018.
Peyote Radio - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Peyote Radio
"Formed in 2018, Peyote Radio is currently working senseless day jobs to support their various bad habits and surly lifestyles. Riveting examples of which include crocheting, Mexican War re-enactments, cataloging Americas many wondrous shoe trees and gravity hills, santeria, yarn painting, yelling at clouds, and when they find the time, playing a bit of music. These howling troglodytes will be releasing their first EP on June 20th entitled, "Midnight in Palms". "We're just so excited to be finally offering our super mega-important EP to the masses. It's nifty, keen and it's really gonna knock those kids socks off it will!" says lead singer and known scoundrel Sean Nolan. Peyote Radio would like to thank the academy, their friends and family, and of course Satan."
Animal Super Species - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Animal Super Species
Los Angeles based indie rock band that's into good beats and good times.

Our debut album is streaming and available to download here: http://animalsuperspecies.bandcamp.com/
Receiver - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
RECEIVER is the musical partnership between Danny Amirian (Guitar/Vox), Emil Amirian (Drums), and Troy Barnes (Bass). The group was formed in 2014 as a quad but shortly became a triforce on a rainy night in Los Angeles. The 3 piece’s shared lifelong obsession with music is the driving force behind their songs and performances. Their eclectic and wide variety of influence and inspiration shapes their unique sound, and their lives’ triumphs and tragedies are felt through their performances. Brothers Danny and Emil had been making music and performing together since 2006; Emil was originally the bassist in their previous group, and Danny was the guitarist/song-writer, after a disbandment, Emil decided to play drums and the two recruited their homie Troy Barnes (a guitarist), to play bass, hence RECEIVER was born.

The band completed their self produced and recorded debut E.P. “Channels” in January of 2018, it was mixed by Daniel Brooks and Danny Amirian, and mastered by Ted Jensen.

RECEIVER is the connection between all of us and the ether; the frequencies we tune into and draw our inspiration from, the universal vibration that flows through us all. Accessing the boundless and infinite energy, and allowing it to live through human expression. We are all receivers.
Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers
In early 2016, Singer/ songwriter Sherif Serag and Guitarist/ Producer Omer Avni formed Sherif Serag and The Time Travelers. Sherif and Omer have been writing music together since 2012. The band recently recorded a self produced, live to tape record at Stagg Street Studios.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

All lineups and times subject to change