JP Saxe, Beck Pete

JP Saxe (10:00 PM)

Beck Pete (9:00 PM)

Madison Malone (8:00 PM)

Kyler Slater (7:30 PM)

Sat, April 21, 2018

7:00 pm

Adv tix $12.00 / DOS tix $14.00

This event is all ages

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JP Saxe - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
JP Saxe
In each of his songs, Toronto-bred singer/songwriter JP Saxe hones in on the small moments to spark a quietly deepening shift in emotion.

With his latest single "Anybody Else," Saxe shows us his carnal side with sensual lyrics and a kaleidoscope of blurry synth lines and cascading guitar tones. Prior to this, his first single "Changed" debuted his soulful vocals with sparse beats and luminous piano work. The song channels both anger and affection in its gently devastating lyrics.

The LA-based Saxe shapes his R&B-leaning sound with elegant musicality and purposeful inventiveness. His forthcoming debut EP is both formally defiant and meticulously composed. Whether he’s reflecting on unbearable desperation, the chaos of a tempestuous romance (“Screaming to Myself”), or the lovely thrill of surrender to longing (“The Few Things”), each track embodies a deliberate vulnerability.
Beck Pete - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Beck Pete
“In a world where strength is encouraged, and expression of feeling has been painted as the opposite of strength, I’m over here arguing that one cannot exist without the other,” says Beck when approached with questions of why art is important to her. Beck feels that we when we can embrace the truths of love and emotion, and the fact that feeling feelings is, in reality, pretty damn cool, we will be better off as a society. What better way to facilitate this shift in societal mindset, than to write heart-wrenching songs about truth in the world?

So, through the combination of emotional turmoil, heartbreak, a whole bunch of nights consisting of dance-inducing backbeats, deafening silence, and true elation, Beck Pete was born. If you follow the intricate, hook-y melodies and production of the indie-pop genre, until you find where they intersect with the emotional vulnerability, intensity and desperation of soul music, you will find Beck. She will be looking you right in the eyeballs, telling you every inch of her truth.

After less than two years in Los Angeles, Beck has spilled her heart for an increasing number of eyeballs, playing and selling out historic venues across the city, including The Hotel Café which has become a second home for the artist.

Beck's debut single “Lonely” will be released through AWAL on March 16, and she will only continue releasing music that showcases sides of love and the human condition that others often avoid.
Madison Malone - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Madison Malone
Madison Malone is stepping out of her artistic shell to release songs that use the light to recognize the dark. Her new music is the beauty created beneath the destruction.
Raised in a small farm town in south-central Wisconsin, Madison was an anomaly in her blue collar city. She started sneaking into rural dive bars at the age of 15 to play cover music for patrons until 2 am, paid only in pizza & tips. She spent the next seven years building a following in the Midwest, gigging in restaurants, around the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, clubs, bars, banquet halls, four to six times a week just to pay the bills & get her voice heard.

​After seven years of performing other people’s music, Madison felt inclined to evolve and write about her own troubadour experiences. To pursue this neon journey of self-discovery, Madison moved to Los Angeles in late 2016. When Madison first arrived in Los Angeles, she began writing songs for artists at Sony Music, creating music for commercials at Barking Owl in Santa Monica, and landing featuring slots on high-profile artists' tracks (Anthony Federov of American Idol, Leonell Cassio, Raye Zaragoza, APZE, Mic Kellogg). She also began making a name for herself as a songwriter at the world famous, Hotel Café, after selling out both stages, opening for artists like Kaleo, Wrabel, Rozzi Crane, Ari Herstand, & Tall Heights, and playing at the world's largest music festival, SUMMERFEST, as a featured artist on their Artists on the Rise showcase in front of over 2,000 people. Through all these experiences, Madison was developing her personal artistry.

After living in LA for a bit, Madison felt compelled to leave the noise and obligations of the city to go back to her simple roots in order to truly expose the artist growing inside of her. She isolated herself for 5 weeks in a sleepy town outside of Montreal to write & record her album in a ski cabin with French-Canadian producer, Hugo Montecristo (Cirque Du Soleil/Sony Music). Between the snow-capped stillness of the countryside and the motion left stirring inside her from the City of Angels, she was able to look within and find the purest form of her voice & artistry. What procured is a diverse collection that combines her origin of the cozy Midwest, with the international flavor of Europe, and the experimental hum of the West Coast.

Madison Malone intends for her music to be the saving grace in times of distress. It is her mission to plaster the sky with the eyes of love & hope.
Kyler Slater - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Kyler Slater
Californian singer and multi-instrumentalist Kyler Slater is pushing R&B to new places by mixing melancholy indie-vibes with that sound so familiar to us from the likes of The Weeknd. Playing since a young age, Kyler originally favored a conventional band set-up and guitar based melodies, but his sound progressed when he struck out on his own at the age of 15 – his varied and sometimes dark life experiences have played an important role in the evolution of his unique and deeply personal style of music.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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