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Beat Club (8:30 PM)

Tue, December 11, 2012

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ATLAS GENIUS - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
For brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery, home holds a certain kind of magic. The coastal Australian
city where they grew up is more than the cradle of their youth – it was the soil for their dreams and the
birthplace of their success. Australia was where they forged their breakout hit, ”Trojans,” which
earned them a gold record and took Atlas Genius from studio project to critically acclaimed
international act.
After a few months turned into two years on the road in support of their debut album, When It Was
Now – after exploring distant towns in distant countries, pouring their souls out in theaters all over the
world – home called. But back in Australia, the blank canvas the brothers faced reflected back two
very different people from the ones who had crafted When It Was Now. In the time they had been
away, they had created a new normal – built a new community, endured heartbreak, and seen the
"All of a sudden we're back in the same place but we're totally different people. We just couldn't stay
if we wanted to challenge ourselves and take the next step.”
Full of inspiration, Keith and Michael headed to Los Angeles to record new material in the city that
had sparked undeniable creative energy for so many artists before them. Home, for now, would be
here, and their experience within the bright Angeleno expanse juxtaposed against the darkness of the
unknown, which quickly became the through-line that would tie together Atlas Genius’ second album,
Inanimate Objects.

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The album is a foray into darker emotional realms of songwriter and vocalist, Keith Jeffery, as he
explores relationships and experiences, past and present – a journey that maintains the catchiness and
sense of melody that the band is known for while exploring the gamut of musical possibility. “It didn't
make sense for me musically to write a bunch of happy, cheery pop songs. We were constantly being
drawn to darker guitar and synths sounds, as well as some slower rhythms.”
This new exploration afforded the brothers the courage to experiment recklessly with sounds,
techniques and genres as they traded their indie sheen for a newfound dynamism. What emerged was
something brand new - an amalgamation of ambient, driving pop, punctuated by kinetic electronic
beats, guitar and grimy synths.

The album’s underlying sonic current is wonderfully cohesive, but the diversity of influences and
breadth of experimentation are everywhere. Current single “Stockholm” was written by Keith on a trip
to Sweden, for example. “I had gone partly to write and partly to assess the state of a long distance
relationship I was in. I really felt like I was drowning emotionally and needed to let myself breathe.”
The musical outcome was perhaps one of the first and clearest departures from their first record. The
ultimate result is a song infused with a pulsating rhythm section that reflects the ardor of the human
spirit in fight.

On first single “Molecules,” their reconciliations with their own destinies are translated from swirling
chaos and angst to pure danceability. “It’s a song about equality and our place in the universe. It's also
about the relative scale of things. Do we really have as big of a say in our destiny as we like to think

we do? On a universal level, I would say that perhaps we don’t.”

On the other end of the spectrum is the mesmerizing earworm, “Balladino,” which harnesses
frustrated energy in darker, contemplative verses which release into soaring, cathartic choruses. Keith
explains: “Sometimes there are these long, unrelenting periods of darkness that we go through in life.
At times, it feels endless, yet it eventually passes. “Balladino” is about holding out hope.”

“For me,” says Keith, “each song is a tiny little intimate moment that explodes.” And that’s what
Inanimate Objects is – a collection of moments that speaks to the heart of the human experience. It’s a
search for hope, embrace of change, and, finding one’s home.
Blondfire - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Young Heart

“We were driving around with friends and someone said ‘I smell a bonfire,’” recalls Erica Driscoll, lead vocalist-keyboardist-guitarist of the brother-sister duo Blondfire. “We thought they said ‘Blondfire,’ and at first we kind of jokingly said it should be our name – but it stuck. We liked the fact that it was masculine and feminine at the same time. It represented who we are in a cool way.”

That push-pull of elemental forces is fundamental to the siblings’ sound. Winsome, melancholy vocals and ’80s-influenced melodies float atop shards of guitar and propulsive beats, leavening Blondfire’s infectious pop tunes with real punch. Alternately haunting and ebullient, their Warner Bros Records debut Young Heart represents the purest example yet of Blondfire’s unique musical hybrid.

“We tend to write sweet, dreamy melodies,” agrees guitarist-drummer-sequencer-backup singer Bruce Driscoll, “and having a rhythm section that’s more aggressive – and not too straight – gives it that gutsier, edgier feel.” Like Erica, Bruce grew up loving bands like The Smiths, The Cure and New Order. But when it came to drums, Led Zeppelin skinsman John Bonham always occupied a special place in his heart.

The formula has resonated strongly with listeners. Blondfire became the first unsigned act to hit the #1 spot on the iTunes Alternative chart and one of very few unsigned bands to be added to the Sirius Alt Nation playlist, on the strength of the evocative, bouncy “Where The Kids Are” and its arty video. “I submitted that song to a few blogs and it just took off online,” Erica marvels. “According to Hype Machine, we became the #1 most talked-about band on the internet!”

“Where The Kids Are” is the lead single on the self-produced Young Heart, most of which they wrote and recorded, Bruce reports, in “about a week” at his home studio and Hollywood’s historic Wax Studios (formerly TTG). The set was mixed by Wally Gagel (Muse, Folk Implosion, Gorillaz). “Wally mixed ‘Kids,’ and he has a great grasp of what we’re about sonically,” volunteers Bruce. “He has a real knack for pressing the ‘sound big’ button.”

Young Heart is the duo’s first full-length album since their 2008 indie release My Someday. In the interim, the band has developed a homegrown following in Los Angeles through live residencies and radio airplay from KROQ, KCSN, 98.7 and KCRW. Their music has also been heard in the films Besties and Get a Job; on TV via ESPN’s Australian Open Tennis, The Client List, MTV’s Awkward and The Collection and in an ad for Ecco shoes.

Bruce and Erica grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan; their U.S.-born dad plucked classic rock and pop on the guitar, while their Brazilian mom – a classically trained pianist – exposed them to bossa nova and music lessons. By her teens, Erica was mad for ’80s pop and teaching herself guitar.

Bruce was initially obsessed with film soundtracks, which no doubt ultimately contributed to Blondfire’s emotionally vivid musical textures. “My dream was to score a Batman movie someday,” he remembers. Later he got into drums (partly as a rebellion against piano lessons); although he soon switched to guitar, he retained his preoccupation with beats.

“Once Bruce started playing guitar, that’s all we wanted to do,” Erica says. “In Michigan there isn’t much to do, especially in winter. So we just holed up in the basement, writing songs and recording them on our 4-track machine.” They began gigging soon after.

And that Brazilian thing? “You can hear it a little in the way we use melodies,” Erica muses, “and in the way that Bruce likes to put all kinds of variations into his beats.” Bruce adds that he leans toward certain chords that lend a melancholy feel one could trace back to Jobim and other Brazilian songwriters. “It’s not obvious,” he says. “But it’s in there.” And just part of the one-of-a-kind recipe that makes Blondfire sound like nothing else.
Beat Club - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Beat Club
Beat Club is a Los Angeles based band consisting of Jeff Kite (keyboards/vocals), Jon Pancoast (bass), and Anthony Polcino (guitars/vocals).

The music draws from an eclectic palette of influences ranging everywhere from hip-hop to punk rock to world-dance. Armed with an arsenal of songs often driven by searing, rhythmic guitars, funky Afrobeat bass lines and vintage synthesizers, layered over a booming blend of acoustic and electronic beats, Beat Club has become a fresh and unmistakeable musical collective.

Most of 2012 was spent writing and recording material as well as playing a slew of boisterous shows in the Los Angeles area.

The debut release from Beat Club is due in early 2013 via Pulse Code Modulations/Boombox (Mom + Pop Music).
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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