Goody Grace

Goody Grace (9:30 PM)

Lil Aaron (8:30 PM)

Sat, March 24, 2018

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $15.00 / DOS Tix $17.00

This event is all ages

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Goody Grace - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Goody Grace
What happens when a kid from a small town comes of age in the Internet era and is influenced by Bob Dylan and Morrissey as much as he is by Wiz Khalifa and Gucci Mane? You get Goody Grace. He plays his six-string and sings with emotion and raps melodically about being a kid with a dream. He has been mentored by music guru Cisco Adler since the age of 16 after contacting him via Twitter. Since then, countless hours writing for himself and others and daily recording sessions have helped shape this natural talent into a well rounded artist with a point of view and a voice waiting to be heard.

He recently co-wrote Cody Simpson's single "Flower," and co-wrote and is featured on Atlantic Records rising star Gnash's song "That One Song," which has well over 1 million Spotify streams and counting. Goody's last song "2 Shots" featuring Gnash did close to 300k plays on Soundcloud in its first week, and the close collaborators recently wrapped a sold out tour together.

Goody Grace is poised to be the answer to his own question. Can a kid from small town Manitoba with a big dream make it? The answer is yes, and it will be a pleasure to watch this kid take over the entire world with his talent and charm. Stay tuned and follow the young future....
Lil Aaron - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Lil Aaron
Dubbed “one of the music industry’s best kept (and weirdest) secrets” by Pigeons and Planes, lil aaron built an initial, enigmatic reputation after he dropped out of high school to tour with scene bands and left Indiana to pen hits for artists including Liam Payne, Blackbear, KIIARA, Icona Pop, Big Boi and Juicy J. Through this writing process and restrictions of the industry there was always a feeling of being held back creatively which created a need to express himself fully though his own music. His debut project, ‘GLOING PAIN$’ leans on a trio of influences: the modern rap sounds of Travis Scott and Rae Sremmurd, ’00s pop-punk bands like Paramore, and iconic rock acts like KORN and Limp Bizkit. It’s a recipe generating infectiously anthemic raps over electric production. The goal? To bridge a serious gap—between the rebellious attitude of the scene and punk worlds with the commercial appeal of the hip-hop driven pop mainstream. The project was well received by a number of high profile names in the industry including Zane Lowe, Rick Ruben and Dr. Luke among others, paving the way for multiple North American tours to close out 2016. The new year brought aaron back to the studio with names like John Feldman, Travis Barker, Rami & Carl and continued support from Dr. Luke to focus on his upcoming project which is slated for release end of 2017.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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