Tara Beier featuring Ted Jones

Tara Beier featuring Ted Jones (10:00 PM)

Mothlight (9:00 PM)

Ecstatic Union (8:00 PM)

Fri, August 25, 2017

7:30 pm

Adv tix $12.00 / DOS tix $15.00

This event is all ages

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Tara Beier featuring Ted Jones - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Tara Beier featuring Ted Jones
Canadian-born, California-adopted, Tara Beier is a prominent example of how dynamic, refreshing and eclectic the Folk panorama is, in its broader genre meaning. Listening to her work, even the most exigent sound literate will acknowledge how much she’s capable of pouring genuineness, devotion and passion into a too often virtualized, streaming-stifled and idea-lacking present music scene. This is clearly traceable in Tara’s creative path. Her debut album “Hero and the Sage”, produced by Bret Higgins of Great Lake Swimmers, gently flows from a more introspective, pure prime-era Fleetwood Mac style with a strong Joni Mitchell inflection, as in the more rootsy “This Innocence”, the smooth, almost ethereal “Mount Zion” or the glimmering “Mayan Sun” to a stronger pop-based canvas as in the shimmering “Cellar Door”, one of the hooks of the collection, and then directly through the equally engaging segue “She’s Gone”.

These two brilliant tunes pave the way to the even more intriguing sophomore EP “California 1970”, produced by Tara herself at the Village Recorder studio in LA. Additional sessions were held at former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum’s studio. A glossy, perfectly crafted piece of work where the West Coast influences recur everywhere in the texture. Starting from the romping and hummable “Fools Paradise” followed by the elegant “Prize Winner”, “Hollywood Angel” is a distinctively Stevie Nicks reminiscent song which, passing through an emotional “See the Owl” leads to the bewitching psychedelic atmosphere of “Wild China Tree”, where echoes of Buffalo Springfield and Grateful Dead meet Neko Case and Mazzy Star, tangible visualization of a true California Dreaming attitude. “Diana” is the energetic and raucous ending of a truly inspired, beguiling EP which is hard not to listen on repeat.

“Beier’s combination of styles and sounds, ranging from simple acoustic ballads to catchy pop-like melodies prove that she can take any vibe and truly make it her own.” The Deli Magazine (New York)

“The sounds are reminiscent of Gram Parsons and The Byrds on originals like “Prize Winner.” In spite of the predominately Americana sound, the group mixes things up with a surprising shift towards, music with a darker alternative pop edge similar to the Pixies or even the Cure on songs like “Hollywood Angel” and “Fools Paradise.” Music Connection Magazine

“From the percussive psychedelic folk to the minimal dark acoustic blues, you’ll suspect Zeppelin.”Folk Radio UK

“One-of-a kind Canadian indie rock… definitely worth hearing.” Popmatters

Tara will be accompanied with her Los Angeles based band, top drummer Tripp Beam (Moby), key player Sasha Smith (Iron & Wine, Linda Perry), bassist Ricky Bakken (Lou Pine) and special featuring world touring electric guitarist Teddy Jones, son of Booker T Jones.
Mothlight - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Southern California's Mothlight is known for soaring harmonies, visual lyricism, and intrinsic composition.
Their latest record, "Laika" is a a whirlwind of vibrant melodies -- providing an out of body experience and delivering audiences to another realm. Named after the first animal to orbit Earth, "Laika" evolves into an experimental and curious work describing mind expansion with grandeur and purpose. With each word gifted more meaning than the one before, the group continues to communicate the subconsciousness with clarity and merit. As they vividly depict a relationship that enters foreign territory, we are quickly introduced to the unknown supported by a desire for something else.
Mothlight continues to reign, polishing their skills with prolific releases that propel them to the top of the pack.

"A shimmering dream-pop haze with dazzling harmonies and a strong sense of purpose."

"Accompanied by marching drums that seem to signal the end is near and synths that glow brightly before fading away like the setting sun."

Mothlight is a dream-pop outfit from Los Angeles. Featuring shimmering harmonies and sweeping synth and guitar lines, the 3 piece writes pop music filtered through a technicolor haze. Initially a solo bedroom project, Matt Billings released 3 EPs under the Mothlight moniker between 2008 - 2012. Longtime friend and keyboardist / synthesist, Grant Stevens, formally joined and they released the Calico LP in 2014. After a year of writing new material, the duo found and wooed the prolific drummer, Andrew Smith, into official membership, and introduced percussion pulled from an array of musical styles.
Ecstatic Union - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Ecstatic Union
The sounds of Ecstatic Union's self-titled album (released June 2017 on Lolipop Records) weave a sonic tapestry of serpentine psychedelia layered with magnetic guitar riffs, heart pownding rythms, and 1970's-esque bubblegum harmonies. Lyrically, the group paints a callydoscopic ocean of dreamlike musings and sensual interconnectivity, culminating in a luminous perspective of life, love, and learning.

With a sound alluding to 60’s Folk-culture, while echoing many notable aspects of current Southern California Rock, Ecstatic Union should quickly make a name for themselves. Ecstatic Union’s sonic explorations are as infectious as their embracing lyricism, rendering to a sincerely unifying sound. - Indie Underground

“Southern-California indie rockers, Ecstatic Union, give us exactly what we’re looking for. Their new single, “Ancient Eyes” is a refreshened take on classic psychedelic folk, with extra satisfying bubble-gum harmonies layered above roving guitar riffs and billowing drum fills.” - HuffPost

Their new self titled album is out now on Vinyl, CD, & Cassette via lolipop records (https://lollipop-records.myshopify.com/search?q=Ecstatic+Union+) and is available through all major online music streaming and download services.

Ecstatic Union is based in Los Angeles and all originate from the Southern California region. Rex Costello (Guitar/Lead Vocals) from Catalina Island, Oliver Hart (Guitar/Vocals) from the OC, Solange Kupersmid (Bass/Vocals) from the Valley, Alan Krespan (drums) from Ventura and Bradley Cuff (key player/vocals) from AZ.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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