Sucker For Pumps

Sucker For Pumps (10:55 PM)

Great White Buffalo (10:00 PM)

Dandelo (8:30 PM)

Poly Buzz (9:15 PM)

Reb Kennedy (11:50 PM)

Thu, June 28, 2012

8:00 pm

This event is all ages

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Sucker For Pumps - (Set time: 10:55 PM)
Sucker For Pumps
Perhaps the engulfing rhythm section, melodic guitar arrangements, and a refusal to conform to the overplayed elements of popular music are what make Sucker for Pumps stand out in this catchall music genre that is indie-rock.
Over the years, San Fernando Valley’s own Sucker for Pumps has taken L.A.’s independent rock music scene by storm. The band was formed in the summer of 2008 by cousins Ruben Herrera (Vocals, Guitar) and Frankie Melero (Drums). Following a brief front-man search and a few line-up changes, their initial vision was completed with the addition of David Gonzalez (Bass).

As children of the 80’s, their music is inspired by the life and times of the era. Their sound can best be described as a culmination of an array of musical influences ranging from Joy Division, indie pioneers The Smiths, and today’s Editors, Bloc Party, and Thrice. The group, however, sets themselves apart by creating a unique sound that’s infused with melodic rock, seducing cadences, and a sweetly nostalgic dose of indie-pop.

Sucker for Pumps released their debut 5-track EP, “Lights,” in March of 2009. Including singles “We Arsonists” and “David & Goliath,” each song delivers a glimpse into the band’s own experiences with life, love and angst, and their constant struggle against conformity. The “brothers,” as they refer to themselves, write music fueled by a genuine passion for the art. Using music as a medium, the band hopes to share their message: “Music is the driving force here. The Music is what it’s all about. We hope to give back a fraction of what Music has given us.”
Now, four years into their journey, S4PS is on the verge of releasing their Sophomore EP, “Money.” With the addition of new guitarist (and brother), Robert Melero, the band hopes to continue in their journey of growing musically and sharing it with any who care to listen. In the interim, the quartet will continue to captivate audiences with their dynamic live performances. Having successfully showcased at most LA go-to venues, S4PS has no intentions of slowing down. “Our intentions are to play to anyone that will have us. Our goal is simply to make good art. If at the end of the day the fame and stardom never dawn, we’re good with it. This music will live on forever.”
Sucker for Pumps is undeniably seductive. Their irresistible pop-beats and insane on-stage chemistry will reel you in and make you a sucker for Sucker for Pumps.
Great White Buffalo - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Great White Buffalo
In the race of emerging bands vying for space on your iPod, LA's local Great White Buffalo is worthy of your ear time. A classic quartet of California rockers, they have courted a steady fan base since January 2011 with an infectious, adrenaline-rushing sound, stirring up crowds at the House of Blues, Viper Room, and the Roxy, among other rite-of-passage Hollywood venues. Make listening room for their debut LP, All At Once, and you'll be lured by a layered track list that merges front man Graham Bockmiller's deep, aching vocals with lead guitarist Stephen Johnson's sophisticated strumming, all the while a solid bass and drum line cascades under the helm of Colin Regan and Rich Carrillo, respectively. Hear them out and you'll note evidence of the band's influences, which include The Verve, Queens of the Stone Age and The Strokes; though by combining characteristics of classic rock with a taste of nineties' angst and savvy, contemporary arrangements, Great White Buffalo manifests a sound that is all their own—one that warrants repeat plays.
Dandelo - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Dandelo is Erik Donley [voice/gtr], Ethan Donley [lead gtr], Ian Conery [bass/voice] and Rheese Detrow [drums]. These brothers were raised in Ohio and paved their respective paths across the states. They reunited as a fully formed rock & roll band in Los Angeles June 1, 2011. Their self titled, debut album was recorded, mixed and produced by the astounding Raymond Richards [Local Natives 'Gorilla Manor']. The record was recently released online [] and also on iTunes.
Poly Buzz - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Poly Buzz
Alternative / Post Brit Pop / New wave
Reb Kennedy - (Set time: 11:50 PM)
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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