KROQ Locals Only & K'noup Present:

KROQ Locals Only & K'noup Present:

Savannah Van Band (10:50 PM)

Uncle Daddy (9:50 PM)

Wicker (11:35 PM)

Marc Robillard (8:55 PM)

Satellite (8:00 PM)

Fri, May 25, 2012

7:30 pm

This event is all ages

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Savannah Van Band - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
Savannah Van Band
Savannah Van Band is an American pop-rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA These multi-talented artists are not only musicians but are writers of their own brilliantly-crafted original works.
Matt Kwa – Bass
Matt is of Indonesian/Chinese decent. Matt wanted to play drums when he was very young but couldn’t reach the peddles, and still can’t today! As the years went by, he took his dad’s guitar and loved playing it. By the age of 13, he picked up a bass guitar because the church he attended needed a bassist and he was the only one willing to play. He is a very talented lyricist, who is currently continuing his education at Pasadena City College.
Hobbies: skateboarding, running, biking, photography.
Nico Aranda - Guitar
Nico is of Argentinian decent, both parents were born there. At age 12, he was already performing tributes to the Beatles, AC/DC, and Heavy Metal Bands at iconic venues such as The Roxy, The Mint and Crash Mansion (some of the most popular rock clubs in Los Angeles). Nico’s musical talents include guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.
Hobbies include: Skating, boogie boarding, long walks on a beach followed by even longer naps. He’s also fully bilingual – English/Spanish
Savannah Van – Lead Vocals
Savannah has an exotic appeal ‘Vietnamese/Chinese (father's side) Italian/Swedish/Austrian/Scottish (mother's side)’. Savannah also plays guitar and piano and writes many of the bands songs.
Her hobbies include: surfing, wake boarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, fishing, cliff diving. Other interests include: dance, choreography, video editing, fashion, shopping, reading, and marathon (sleeping).
Ronnie Manaog - Drums
Ronnie has been pounding the drums since the tender age of 3. Ronnie is of Filipino decent, both parents are from the Phillipines. Ronnie attended California State University at Northridge obtaining a Bachelor of Music Degree in Percussion Performance/ Studio Music; also attended Berklee College of Music and the Musician's Institute (Hollywood, CA).
Ronnie’s hobbies include: Well, with his very busy work schedule, not much! He is a baseball fan, likes to read and go to the gym.
Alex Strahle – Guitar
Alex grew up in a musical family with a session guitarist for a father. While still in high school, he took a music theory class at Pasadena City College; and at 18, he went back to PCC and is currently studying music business, music recording, and piano.
Alex’s Hobbies include: Tennis and Photography, he one day would like to be a professional photographer. Other Interests: Music Producing and Mixing.
Uncle Daddy - (Set time: 9:50 PM)
Uncle Daddy
Uncle Daddy is a brotherhood of guys who have only one thing in common: An unflinching need to make music that inspires and electrifies. As one eloquent fan put it: “They sound like watching Mumford & Sons play the Black Keys while Led Zeppelin punches out Toby Keith on Johnny Cash’s pool table.”

“This is the first time I’ve ever made music that is the perfect mix of loving and fighting – it’s visceral. It is the same feeling as getting punched in the face or kissing that beautiful girl for the first time. That feeling afterwards is how I feel playing this music. This music feels like life.” says lead singer, TJ Stafford.

From Los Angeles, CA, Uncle Daddy is:

TJ Stafford: lead vocals/guitars
Noah Needleman: lead guitars/vocals
Andrew Jed: mandolin/banjo
Robbie Anderson: violin
Jacob Szekely: cello
Christopher Allis: drums
Wicker - (Set time: 11:35 PM)
Marc Robillard - (Set time: 8:55 PM)
Marc Robillard
Fusing together meaningful honest lyrics with soulful melodies, Canadian singer/songwriter Marc Robillard creates his own unique blend of sonic artistry. With influences ranging from Coldplay to Death Cab for Cutie and Radiohead, his powerful voice and creatively textured pieces connect with his listeners on a highly personal level. As a gifted singer/songwriter, he masterfully weaves a thread of brightness and hope through his music. For Robillard, music is about honest life experiences that we all share—love, loss, joy and pain.

With the release of his long-awaited sophomore album “Left London”, Robillard gives listeners a collection of new tunes that hold a fuller, more elaborate sound while still maintaining his sincere, intimate perspective. Inspired by his time spent in London and his subsequent journey to Los Angeles, “Left London” is a raw statement from Robillard that showcases the alt-singer/songwriter’s powerfully emotive voice and poetic lyrical depth. The album features Robillard’s penchant for hook-driven melodies that fit seamlessly with the singer’s captivating tone.

The credits keep piling up for Robillard. He was recently chosen by MTV and Extreme Music to be a part of their new HYPE project, which will showcase some of the worlds most up and coming artists. His music, along with 11 other artists, will be featured throughout MTV’s programming and live performances starting in May 2011. Robillard also achieved commercial success with several of his songs. “So Much More” was featured in Frito Lay’s green television commercial for a biodegradable Sunchips bag and garnered significant attention from viewers around the globe. Most recently, “Unfold” off of “Left London” was chosen to air during an episode of ABC’s primetime hit cop drama Rookie Blue.

A self-taught musician, Robillard plays both the guitar and piano. Initially interested in music production, he worked in several music studios across Canada while he began writing his first album. While composing music for a Toronto production company in 2005, Robillard released “Paper Airplanes” to glowing reviews from fans and critics alike.

Born in Montreal, Robillard spent most of his childhood and teenage years playing competitive hockey, drafted to play in the Ontario Hockey League, one of the top junior hockey leagues in the world.

Influences include: Conor Oberst / Bright Eyes, Benjamin Gibbard / Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead, Travis, Athlete, Coldplay, Aqualung, Damien Rice, and Wilco.
Satellite - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
There is a lot of individual talent in SATELLITE. So much, in fact, that one might wonder why it is they would bother to ‘give up’ their day jobs as thriving musicians and songwriters, to navigate the slippery slope of being a new band. It’s pretty clear that to make it in the music business, you not only need great songs and musicianship, but you have to have that something special, that passion, that never-back-down mojo. Collectively, SATELLITE has it all, in spades.

Playing together for the past year in Los Angeles, SATELLITE got their start with Mitch inviting his friend Steven to a songwriter showcase he was hosting. Says Steven, “When I was done, you could hear a pin drop. I didn’t know what it meant, but I felt good about it.” Mitch suggested they work together, they pulled in Josh, an in-demand session guitarist once signed to Columbia Records, and then hired Justin Glasco to drum, recruiting him to record the EP shortly thereafter.

It’s interesting that with such unique individual success, SATELLITE is where they choose to make their home. Steven and Mitch, who are both with the same publishing company, had known each other socially for years. Each did quite well in their own right; Steven was signed to Epic early in his career, and then found his niche writing songs for such varied artists including Street Drum Corps, Melee, David Archuleta, Crosby Loggins and international superstar Celine Dion. As for Mitch, since he began writing and producing, he has been nominated for a Grammy, won an ASCAP “pop” award for the Bowling For Soup song “1985,” written 4 top five singles, and was also the lead singer of the platinum selling rock band SR-71. And while he has written and produced songs for a who’s who of the music industry including Pink, Faith Hill, The Jonas Brothers, Daughtry, Joe Cocker, Simple Plan and more, he is emphatic: “I have sold over 15 million records, and worked with some of the biggest artists in almost every genre of music, but SATELLITE is what I am the most proud of.”

The result is the self-produced EP, RING THE BELLS, with its outstanding single “Say The Words.” The anthemic show-stopper builds to an energetic crescendo that has the crowd on its feet at every show and is the benchmark for the whole of the EP. Instead of relying on volume for emotional release, the band explores texture and complex melodies, putting forth songs that express a wide range of emotions, while retaining their own untarnished clarity.

SATELLITE’s distinct sound has been called a mash-up between “Kings of Leon + Snow Patrol” and, “Springsteen meets the UK.” Continuing to gain momentum in Southern California, the band has quickly built a fan base through television and film placements, and media buzz surrounding their live shows. Rare is the artist who sounds as good live as on your iPod, but SATELLITE swings it. The LA Examiner named them one of the 20 Bands to Watch in 2011 and they’ve been championed by Radar Online, Alternative Press, Kings of A&R and several other influential blogs. Touring around the west coast and an appearance at SXSW, have kept the band busy; the second half of 2011 found them finishing up their full-length album, a continuation of sorts to the RING THE BELLS EP, that will complete the album “thematically and sonically” according to Mitch.

With music that is both bracing and soaring, matched with lyrics that are vulnerable and raw, sung by Steven with an emotion that gets you right inside every song, SATELLITE is as close to a sure bet as this crazy business has ever seen.

“There is no substitute for honesty in music. Every once in a while a song speaks to you; reminds you of how you really feel. We truly hope SATELLITE becomes a voice for the joy, heartache, beauty and truth of life.”
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

All lineups and times subject to change