Famous, Phoenix Down

Famous (10:40 PM)

Phoenix Down (9:50 PM)

The 27's (9:00 PM)

The Suits (8:10 PM)

The Gooneez (11:30 PM)

Already Taken (7:20 PM)

Sat, May 26, 2012

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Famous - (Set time: 10:40 PM)
Phoenix Down - (Set time: 9:50 PM)
Phoenix Down
The Band Started with three friends that played in a band together called "The Nude Crusade". After that punk band dispersed, we wanted to challenge ourselves with another genre of music. After fiddling in the garage of current guitarist Chris Arroyo one day, we found what we were looking for; a fresh new piece of music that we can call different and our own style. This is OUR Reggae. This is Phoenix Down.
The 27's - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The 27's
The Suits - (Set time: 8:10 PM)
The Suits
The Suits are August Eve and Andrew Wells
The Gooneez - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
The Gooneez
- Cousins Andre Abella and Frank Clark make-up 'The Gooneez'. Along with Jake Bowman, Eric Flamer, & Carson Kalakosky who make-up 'The Fratelleez'. This Southern California based hip-hop group with their three piece band combine an array of rap, rock, reggae and punk influences to create upbeat music with a fresh sound.

The two cousins started freestyling back in 2003 for fun at parties, until spittin for fun then became a bigger passion to create music of their own for people to listen to. With that attitude, 'The Gooneez' have built their fan base & buzz over the years the old-fashioned way, flooding the internet with material from their digital albums, creative visuals & a one of a kind live experience that has become their calling card. Performing consistently on Hollywood's Sunset Strip & at Southern Californias most premiere music venues such as The Viper Room, The Roxy, The House of Blues Sunset and San Diego, Key Club, The Knitting Factory, The Grove of Anaheim & 4th & B. Since forming with 'The Fratelleez' in 2010, they have been heralded as the 'Next big hip-hop band from the West Coast' by XXLmag.com.

'The Gooneez' x 'The Fratelleez' debut album 'Astoria', the groups first project with the band scored rave reviews and massive downloads featuring the breakout single 'Weed N Rhymin' ft. Mac Miller. Their newest release, #ANONYMOUS is the bands second album and has catapulted them to the fore front of new up incoming artists to look out for. Presenting every type of genre on this project for the fans , #ANONYMOUS lead single 'Too Strong' features one the games top MC's, Kendrick Lamar. The single has gained co-signs from all the top major hip-hop blogs sites and has become one of the top viral singles of 2011. #ANONYMOUS includes production from Cardo, Mr. Kooman, LiveNStereo, Big Jerm, ID Labs, & Flawless Tracks. Download the album now ---> http://anonymous.thegooneez.com
Already Taken - (Set time: 7:20 PM)
Already Taken
The group Already Taken derives its name from the fact that every possible name seemed to be just that- already taken. (The fact that the name Already Taken is already taken, several times over it seems, just adds to the irony - the name of this act really is ALREADY TAKEN.)

AT is made up of members who range in age from 12 to 16, consisting of two sets of siblings and a very close friend; three males, two females.

AT are: Jack Haidet (vocals, guitar) Matt Haidet (keyboards) India Bennett (bass, vocals) Nolan Bennett (drums) and Mary Frances Kitchens (guitar, vocals).

Their name may be Already Taken but their sound is all their own, with all of the players contributing to the well crafted body of work, a solid batch of tunes with a constantly evolving writing style that is as diverse as the group's varied musical influences and personalities.

With lyrics ranging from the introspective and philosophical to anthemic and youthfully declarative and sprinkled with the occasional love song, (minus the saccharine) these kids offer a set list that is far beyond their years with universal appeal to both adults and children.

Working with their music teacher turned musical director, Mark Gallegos, the group has honed their sound diligently over the past few years, forgoing the flash and pretense often irresistible to performers so young.

No hotdogs here, no gratuitous shredding - just solid musicianship and sophisticated song smithing. These young players are a testament to the value of good old fashioned rehearsal.

Many acts take a decade and much longer to develop a work ethic that is respectful of their own creativity, giving them the confidence to work extra hard at bringing their ideas and musical inclinations to life.

Already Taken is already there.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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