FILOUS (10:00 PM)

Mount (9:00 PM)

Fri, May 13, 2016

8:00 pm



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FILOUS - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
To a degree, all high schoolers have two versions of themselves. There's the image they convey to society at large, to teachers, parents, bosses, any kind of authority figure. And then there's the sense of self that exists amongst their friends or on Twitter or just in their dreams. And so it is with 18-year old Percy. There's the Viennese student with a keen interest in astrophysics and biology, perhaps a promising scientist in the making. And there's his alter ego filous, deconstructing tracks from his favorite independent artists and flipping them into alternately exuberant and wistful dance remixes, dabbling with every instrument that intrigues him and mastering it, writing songs with his friends. One side describes his hobby, the other points towards his future. But in this case, it's an inversion of the typical expectation. Filous' high school teachers certainly consider him a promising young man – but mostly because they're a part of his burgeoning fanbase.

The process of winning over his teachers in such an unexpected fashion creates a parallel to filous' own artistic rise over the past two years; if he ended up impressing the seniors, it was for the purpose of making them his peers. Evolving from a naturally gifted instrumentalist to precocious beatmaker to full-fledged auteur, Percy diligently worked on his technique, his vision, his craft. His most cherished early memories of music fandom sprung from discovering staples of classic rock most people pick up in their teens – Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, bands that inspire youths trapped in day-to-day academic drudgery to dream of epic battles or limitless physical prowess.

But rather than following in the path of guitar gods like Angus Young and Jimmy Page, filous developed an interest in bass guitar, learning his first instrument at the age of 10. It was the first indication of his idiosyncratic mindset: Percy chose bass because it would instantly distinguish him from the dozens of kids at his school thumbing out "Back in Black" on guitar. From that point forward, the unusually inquisitive youth began to experiment with a vast number of sonic tools, ranging from guitar to didgeridoo. In a matter of years, Percy became proficient in over 20 instruments and started to immerse himself in far-flung influences ranging from progressive jazz to country, from bluegrass to black metal.

However, the concept of "filous" started to emerge once Percy started experimenting with electronic production. He had learned how to play all of his previous instruments by watching Youtube tutorials and this was no different – all of his earliest remixes were built from artists he discovered on YouTube. And lacking the connections to track down the individual parts or stems, Percy used only the actual YouTube clips with their original arrangements.

And yet, one can hear how his instrumental prowess allowed him to rethink and rearrange existing music. Prior to racking up over 45 million combined YouTube and SoundCloud plays, filous first caught the ears of tastemakers and electronic music fans with remixes that are indicative of his dual nature; his rework of Damien Jurado's "Ohio" has racked up over 16 million streams on Spotify, maintaining the bittersweet core of the original while an ebullient rhythm gives it a newfound sense of resilience and joy. "Ohio" was followed by remixes of Jose Gonzalez, Kodaline, speaking to the part of filous' artistry that respects the songwriter above all else. "I can't just listen to sad music all the time, I need something to get me on my feet," Percy says. As a result, he's also reworked Coachella-friendly crossover producers RAC and Porter Robinson.

In between these two poles – of timeless, cerebral songcraft and modernist, visceral electronic production - lies Dawn, filous' debut EP. Unlike most of his dilettantish peers, he is responsible for playing every single note on Dawn aside from the EP's lone programmed element—the kick drum. But to this day, he still considers bass to be his main instrument - from its driving introduction to its glorious closer, Dawn is distinguished by its focus on rhythm and motion.

While considered one of the fastest rising stars in electronic music, filous avoided the trappings that stunt the growth of less confident and self-sufficient producers: there are no "crossover" tracks, no guest vocalists brought on for name value, free of the overzealous A&R-ing and pandering that unfortunately has typified electronic music in its festival age. In addition to establishing his own voice, Percy remains committed to exposing listeners to overlooked and undiscovered artists, whether they're unsung singer-songwriters like Jurado or Londoner Jake Isaac or part of Vienna's overlooked acoustic and electronic scene.

filous created Dawn with the same mindset he had while joining his first band as an adolescent – it's just him and his friends, most of which come from Vienna. First single "How Hard I Try" features James Hersey, an Austrian singer-songwriter who filous initially discovered via a YouTube clip of James singing on a rooftop. Meanwhile, "Shaded In" provides a feminine, almost mystical counterpoint with the vocals of Jordan Leser (another artist filous saw performing alongside a candlelit piano on YouTube). Though only five tracks long, filous considers Dawn to be a conceptual, immersive experience - where each song demands a different setting for maximum impact. It's music for liminal states of the day, for when "out all night" means seeing the morning light, both too late and too early. But from beginning to end, Dawn signifies the rise for a new artist only learning how to shine.
Mount - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
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