Carah Faye (of Shiny Toy Guns)

Carah Faye (of Shiny Toy Guns) (9:30 PM)

The Rebel Light (8:30 PM)

Wed, March 9, 2016

8:00 pm


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Carah Faye (of Shiny Toy Guns) - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Carah Faye (of Shiny Toy Guns)
Carah Faye inked an important reminder on her back.
“I have a tattoo that says, How can I laugh tomorrow, if I can’t even smile today?,” she says. “It’s about being happy on the journey and right now, I am.”
The singer and songwriter earned that bit of wisdom over the course of her whirlwind career thus far. Her earliest musical memories include vocal lessons from one of The Chordettes—of “Mr. Sandman” and “Lollipop” fame—and even performing for Ronald Reagan as part of a touring choir. Joining Shiny Toy Guns right out of high school, the California native would go on to receive a 2008 Grammy Award nomination in the category of “Best Electronic/Dance Album” for We Are Pilots and play over 1,000 shows as the band’s frontwoman. With the group engaging a hiatus, she formally began pursuing her own path in 2013.
“I’m so proud of Shiny Toy Guns, but it got to a point where I had to do this for me,” she admits. “I didn’t want anybody else in control of my career. I started making the music I wanted to make. I aimed to do for music what music did for me. I want to leave a lasting imprint that I can be proud of.”
So, she holed up in an Upstate New York Cabin for nearly eight months, writing initial ideas for what would become her solo debut. Taking those sonic skeletons back to Los Angeles, Carah spent the next two years fashioning and fine-tuning her individual style.
“My three key words were epic, cinematic, and timeless,” she continues. “My whole goal was to take the ceiling off as far as what we were doing musically and lyrically. I like things big. In the studio, I kept pushing for big chords and drums. I want as many ears to hear my heart as possible.”
Driven by robust production, resounding piano chords, and her dynamic delivery, the music definitely matches those three words and sonically nods to the likes of Imagine Dragons and Coldplay. At every turn, her voice immediately transfixes, matching that expansive aesthetic. That vision enchanted LAVA founder Jason Flom who personally signed her in the summer of 2015.
In between creating her own music, Carah continues to expand her discography as a songwriter. She co-wrote the multi-platinum Zedd hit, “Stay The Night” [feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore], which earned her a 2015 BMI Pop Award.
Ultimately though, her solo music is exactly what she intended to do since day one.
“This is me unfiltered,” she proudly confesses. “This is the most honest I’ve ever been. This is my story. This is who I am. You’re either going to love me or not, but I’m happy it’s out there.”
The Rebel Light - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The Rebel Light
Los Angeles indie pop band The Rebel Light have already been turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic. This exciting new band’s sound already oozes a confidence that feels both effortlessly fresh yet wonderfully familiar. The Rebel Light have already pulled in comparisons to bands such as The Shins and Temples and draw heavily on their influence of the sun drenched sound of 60’s California pop.
With major radio stations such as ALT NATION, MUSIC CHOICE, KROQ and EQX already supporting their upcoming release Strangers, the band have also picked up instant plaudits from many music blogs and a sterling new band feature from the NME.

Their debut EP “A Hundred Summer Days” is the perfect introduction to The Rebel Light’s hazy, indie pop sound. With huge sunny choruses, warm nostalgic synths and shimmering guitar lines, The Rebel Light are the perfect band for your Summer soundtrack.

"The Rebel Light seem to imbue the light side of Los Angeles. A band in thrall to golden guitar pop, their psych-edged material recalls (early) Shins or even British group Temples. Byrds-style guitar riffs are set against gilded harmonies, with The Rebel Light adding that vital sense of edge." Clash Magazine UK

"If you're craving for a band with a bit of pop zest, look no further than The Rebel Light. The sea breezes of their home town, Los Angeles, have helped them imbue their psychedelic surf sounds with a melodic sensibility: New single 'Strangers' sounds like the Beach Boys colliding with The Doors to create something that is very 2015." NME

"The blissful, sunshiny pop of The Rebel Light's "Strangers" just wasn't made for these wintry times, but it's never too cold for some good old-fashioned California dreamin'. In a breezy three and a half minutes, guitars that echo the understated power of Grizzly Bear and the off-kilter rhythms of The Shins collide with dusky, '60s style harmonies. For relative newcomers that record in a basement home studio, the sound is remarkably polished, and each element is knitted together tightly. Perhaps that's a reflection of the trio's makeup: two brothers and a cousin." The Line of Best Fit
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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