The Hapa Tour featuring Meiko & Marie Digby

The Hapa Tour featuring Meiko & Marie Digby

Meiko (9:15 PM)

Marie Digby (8:15 PM)

Kat McDowell (7:30 PM)

Tue, March 1, 2016

7:00 pm

Adv Tix $15.00 / Day of Show Tix $17.00

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Meiko - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Buzzworthy singer-songwriter MEIKO, who is one-quarter Japanese on her maternal
grandmother’s side, was born and raised in rural Georgia. She got her start in 2007 at the
venerable Los Angeles venue The Hotel Café (where she also worked as a bartender).
Since then she’s released three critically-acclaimed albums and numerous EPs through
MySpace/DGC, Concord Records and Universal Japan. Meiko has built a massive tour
following in the U.S. performing as a headliner and also as support for artists including
Jewel, KT Tunstall, Eric Hutchinson, Mat Kearney and others, and she’s also toured Europe
and Asia multiple times. Live performances on late night TV shows including Conan, Jay
Leno and Carson Daly further fanned the flames, and her hit song “Stuck On You” was
played on radio across the U.S. and even reached #1 on the radio charts in Japan.

"Being an awkward, bored middle schooler was really helpful for my creative skills," she remembers, "because I spent a lot of time alone, in my room, playing my guitar. I could also run around a lot outside, not having any supervision. When you're raised in the middle of the woods, your imagination soars."

The Bright Side, Meiko's second solo release and Fantasy Records/Concord debut, is an intimate, fearless song-cycle about risk, regret, tenderness and love. Her indelible melodies and sharp lyrical viewpoint give The Bright Side a powerful, artistic punch.

"There was a turning point where I decided to stop being so pessimistic about relationships and people and love," explains the L.A. based songwriter. "It's called The Bright Side," Meiko says, "but musically there are many sides to it. It's got the electronic beat side, the retro side and even an R&B side. I was able to do everything I wanted to do."

Thumping beneath the mix are electronic beats that she helped create with her three producers, including Belgian electro-pop wiz Styrofoam, known for his remixes of songs by The Postal Service and The Submarines.

Meiko, whose name (pronounced MEE-KO) is derived from her one-fourth Japanese heritage, filled her first album with songs about heartache and rocky relationships; a broken heart can be great for songwriting. The album's coffeehouse folk-pop was largely sad-eyed and blue, recounting the story of a 20-something girl trying to find someone, anyone, to spend her days and nights with.

"The new songs were all born on the guitar, but I wanted to make this record a little more lively," she says. We played around with beats and came up with something that people could move to. There is more color, layers and texture this time around - acoustic guitars, piano, strings, horns and background harmonies."

A self-starter by necessity, Meiko learned very early that a little moxie and imagination goes along way – and that rebelliousness was often an entertaining alternative to boredom. The family lived in a log cabin built by her father, a guitarist who played classic rock songs around the house. Meiko quickly learned to play guitar, too, writing her first song at the age of 5 and honing her vocal chops at church; where she made her singing debut at 8 years old - performing "White Christmas."

After attending college for one semester, Meiko left Georgia and moved to Los Angeles in 2001, where it took her five years to summon up the courage to play her first official show. And what a show it was.

"I played for two people," she remembers. "The whole time I was up there, I was thinking, 'This is terrible; there's only a pair of people in the audience.' Afterwards, I went over to thank them for coming, and one of them turned out to be deaf."

Her music didn't fall on deaf ears for long. By 2007, while bartending at the Hotel Cafe, ground zero for the new wave of young, folksy songwriters, Meiko finally landed a coveted opening slot. From there she gigged relentlessly, performing wherever and whenever she could, eventually becoming the artist to see at the popular club and at venues around town. The self-released first album arrived that year later reissued by MySpace Records -- making sure to include "Boys With Girlfriends," a new song that quickly became a Top 15 hit at Triple A radio in 2008. Heavy airplay at stations like KCRW, Santa Monica's influential NPR powerhouse, led more notice and glowing press. The high profile exposure also caught the ear of key music supervisors, which led to song placements in many television shows and films, including Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and 10 Things I Hate About You among others.

"I toured pretty much all the time from 2007 through 2009," she remembers; listing European tours with Hanson, solo headlining dates across America and late-night TV appearances on Conan O'Brien and Carson Daly. Along the way, she wrote dozens of songs for the new album and work-shopped them in front of live audiences, making sure they could withstand a high level of scrutiny; both hers and theirs.

It's a long way from Roberta, Georgia, and Meiko's long path hasn't always been easy. But maybe that's the point. The journey's magnificent mess is what makes life so interesting, and Meiko superbly chronicles the beautiful, roller-coaster trip on The Bright Side.
Marie Digby - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Marie Digby
Born to a Japanese mother and an Irish-American father, Marié Digby gained international
notoriety in 2007 when her cover video of Rhianna’s “Umbrella” went viral on YouTube - it
has amassed over 22 million plays to date. Her 2008 debut album Unfold, produced by
Tom Rothrock (James Blunt, Elliott Smith, Beck) was released through Hollywood Records
and has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide. Marié has spent an extensive amount of time
promoting her music and touring throughout Asia. In 2009 she released a collection of
Japanese cover songs (recorded completely in Japanese), and her 2011 Your Love album
has reached Gold status in Korea. Marié is in the process of recording new material in Los
Angeles – her legion of super-fans, calling themselves “Digbyholics”, can’t wait for the
new music!
Kat McDowell - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Kat McDowell
Born in Tokyo and raised in New Zealand, Kat has always loved music. While drawing inspiration from artists like Foo Fighters and Jason Mraz, Kat's Ocean Pop sound is definitely her own. She mixes acoustic guitar-led melodies with emotionally transparent lyrics, delivered in a blend of Japanese and English.

She returned to Japan after school and signed with Sony and Avex in 2007. Her partnership with them yielded several mini-albums, her first full album, and a limited vinyl edition of Nagoriyuki, which went to #1 on Japan's Vinyl Charts and sold out in two days.

Outside of the studio, Kat has been recognized for her performances in high-profile TV ads. Additionally, she has also performed over 1000 live shows, both throughout Japan and internationally and has shared the stage with bands like Switchfoot and Colbie Caillat.

Kat writes about humanity and life. Songs like "Dianna," inspired by a little girl who was born in a trash dump in Nicaragua, to "A little rain" which was written driving through a typhoon on tour in Japan, to "3.11" which was written as a way to deal with the wounds from the Tsunami which ravaged Japan in 2011.

Since becoming an independent artist in 2010, Kat has continued to release new albums and tour Japan and the world. Kat changed her home base from Tokyo to LA in 2013 to face a completely new challenge, touring the US and expand her horizons, and 2014 saw the release of a brand new album "Rise Above" about overcoming life’s challenges.

2015 has already kicked off to be a promising year, Kat was selected as a top 5 finalist in the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter competition out of 14,000 submissions and in the Spring she will be touring Japan and the US.

When Kat’s not singing for a princess in Japan, girls in a safe house in Nicaragua, or at a college in Oregon, she’s in the studio recording, or baking cookies, or playing ukulele at the beach!
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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