Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace (10:00 PM)

Of Verona (9:00 PM)

Tue, April 24, 2012

8:00 pm


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Our Lady Peace - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace have proven fighters in the two decades since they formed in Toronto, a fitting theme for "Heavyweight," the first single from their upcoming, eighth studio album, "Curve," which is slated for release on April 3, 2012.

"This is the record we've been trying to make for the past 10 years. There's something to be said about being beaten up and being able to dust yourself off and get back in the ring," says vocalist/lyricist and founding member Raine Maida about the new album, which was once again recorded in Toronto and his own L.A. home recording studio with co-producer Jason Lader. Lader's impressive resume includes production work on Jay-Z's "99 Problems," along with Mars Volta, Julian Casablancas, Rilo Kiley, Elvis Costello and Noah & the Whale.

"Jason and I had a very frank discussion about the early recordings of "Curve" before he came in," says Maida. "He asked why we weren't making a record that we'd like to listen to ourselves. That was our impetus for abandoning what we started, bringing in Jason and truly challenging ourselves to come up with something more authentic and inspired. He helped us operate without the filter predicated by walking the major label tightrope."

"Heavyweight" was made available on iTunes through Coalition Records on December 20 to the band's loyal fans. Many Canadian Rock Radio stations bought the song from iTunes and immediately began playing it for their listeners. The track has had a steady climb up the charts and is currently Top 10 at all Rock Radio formats.

"Curve" is the result of the band taking creative and artistic risks with their proven methods, featuring such dynamic new songs such as "Mettle," "Fire In The Henhouse," "As Fast As You Can," "Window Seat," and "Rabbits."

"While writing for "Curve" the focus was on being musically brave," states bassist Duncan Coutts. " It became the mantra in our sessions."

"This feels the most like it did in the early days," says drummer Jeremy Taggart, who has been with the band from the start, since he was 17. "We just tried to let our ideas flow without worrying about radio or anything like that. It's easier to be creative when you let something grow naturally as opposed to trying to fit in into something."

And while Raine has been getting recognition for his social activism, the new album is personal, not political. He recently recorded an agitprop protest anthem, "Fight the Good Fight," which is included on the Occupy This Album (out spring), with artists including Yoko Ono, Debbie Harry, Willie Nelson, Tom Morello, Joan Baez, Steve Earle & James McMurtry and Mogwai, among others, as well as being involved in organizations like War Child, targeting at-risk youth in war-torn countries, and Apathy is Boring.

Says Raine, ""Curve" is more about us, going through this reawakening and independence and hopefully creating a deeper connection with our audience."
Of Verona - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Of Verona
The name "of Verona" comes from Shakespeare’s comedy, "Two Gentlemen of Verona." It has the smallest cast of any of the Shakespeare plays and we imagined it as the underdog of sorts, surviving on the sheer virtue of its story.

Our story coming soon ... it will undoubtedly be the greatest story ever told ... or not.


Recent Press:

Mandi Perkins (from of Verona) is undoubtedly one of the freshest, most prolific songwriters to hit the U.S. from our North American neighbor. Consistently delighting audiences with their enthusiastic performances, "take no prisoners" attitude, and contagious melodic rock, (of Verona) is set for fame." -- BMI

Mandi Perkins is the new frontier when it comes to females that rock; she’s unfiltered, unedited, and is a “true” artist - Her lyrics are 100% her life and I’m excited for the rest of the world to hear what I know will be one of the best new rock acts in years.” - Ryan Tedder (from One Republic)

"(of Verona) is at the top of the talent list and definitely worth checking out live. It won’t be long before someone swoops up these dynamic stars ..." -- Hits Magazine
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