Honne (10:00 PM)

KLOE (9:00 PM)

Wed, March 23, 2016

8:00 pm


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Honne - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
HONNE are a British Electronic-Soul duo formed in 2014 in Bow, London, consisting of James (Producer) and Andy (Singer/Producer). This is their first SF show!

"Smooth. This is how best to sum up the music by Andy and James, the London-based duo behind soulful electronic group HONNE. With a sound you can't help but nod your head to, each song has the ability to both emulate and mute city life." --Idol Magazine
KLOE - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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