Andy Clockwise (Record Release Show)

Andy Clockwise (Record Release Show) (10:00 PM)

Marvelous Toy (9:15 PM)

Silent Comedy (8:30 PM)

Tue, July 13, 2010

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Andy Clockwise (Record Release Show) - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Andy Clockwise (Record Release Show)
After dazzling critics and fans alike with his double-album Classic FM, Australian singer-songwriter Andy Clockwise is living in Los Angeles and set to release his second full-length album, The Socialite.

“It’s about me trying to find some sort of state of grace in the cult of celebrity,” says Clockwise, who was based in London when he came to LA for a two-week visit in mid-2007 - and decided to stay.

“I’m not really one who likes to embrace a scene, but I ended up finding LA incredibly interesting.”

Clockwise has co-produced the new album with Daniel Rejmer, whose recording credits include The Kills, Billy Bragg, Björk and Nick Cave.

Classically trained, Clockwise cites influences as diverse as Charlie Chaplin and the prime-time news media, and is renowned for the massive range of musical styles which surface in his song writing and performing. In addition to writing all of his own music, Clockwise plays every instrument on his recorded tracks.

His reputation for daring on-stage showmanship has garnered Clockwise a fervent live following; his unpredictable and electrifying live shows have sold out venues across Australia, London, New York - and more recently some of LA’s most iconic venues: The Hotel Café, The Viper Room and Spaceland.

Born Andy Kelly, Clockwise emerged after years of gigging in and around Sydney. Single-handedly writing, recording and producing his debut EP in 2002, the release of Song Exhibition spawned a couple of high rotation singles on Australian national radio station Triple J (‘Song for the Unemployed’ and ‘Every Song’), a healthy dose of critical claim and an army of new fans. The mini-album reached number three on Australian indy music charts, and spent seven months in the Australian Independent Record charts’ Top 20.

“Ambitious”, “thrilling” and “unpredictable’’ are just a few of the superlatives critics reached for to describe Classic FM, a double concept album written, produced, engineered and mixed by Clockwise in his own studio and released in 2006.

Written about an imaginary radio station, Classic FM quickly became one of the highest rotating albums on Australian independent radio, with hit singles including ‘Alice May’, ‘Mr. Taste Maker’ and ‘Taking Over the World’.

The success of Classic FM led to Clockwise touring with INXS and former Stranglers front man Hugh Cornwall, before headlining his own national tour.
Marvelous Toy - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Marvelous Toy
If there was one new act who, I believe, can shake the confines of the L.A. scene and make some ripples elsewhere it's Marvelous Toy. They've got endearing vocals and creative instrumentation that doesn't fit the face of a no-name act...An energy that sounds at home amongst flannel shirts, chlorophyll depleted leaves, and comfortable jeans. Perhaps this band appeals to the senses so well because of the wholesome, comforting sound that is deeply entrenched in an earthy Americana meets independent rock crossbreed... L.A. is a hard city to make it in but I have feeling they'll make it just fine.. keep an eye on this act.
Silent Comedy - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Silent Comedy
"It all really started when my brother and I began writing songs and playing together in a little house on an alley in Imperial Beach, California. We had no furniture, no dishes, not even a stove. The only thing in the house was an old upright piano.” says J. John, vocalist and bass player. “We had just moved back to California after living out of backpacks traveling through southeast Asia, India, Nepal, southern Europe, and the United States. We came back with nothing, but someone gave us a piano so we started writing songs."

"I used to go into department stores just to play piano in Europe. The management would get upset but people would be crowding around, so they let me play.” adds J. Benjamin, John's brother, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. “They didn’t like a scruffy hobo-looking kid touching their expensive instruments. We really started from nothing when we moved back to the US and have built new lives around our music."

The Silent Comedy started as a side project of the now defunct post-punk group Dehra Dun. The brothers started that band, named for a city in India where they had lived, in 2002 along with drummer/multi-instrumentalist J. Benedict.

"The Silent Comedy was started with two goals: To be a recording project that could involve many of our musician friends, and to be an outlet for this Americana material we had been writing, " J. John explains. "We didn't really intend for it to be a live band at all. One thing led to another, and we needed to play a show that Dehra Dun was unavailable for, so we decided to give it a shot.” I. Forbes, who had played violin with Dehra Dun, and longtime friend J. Michael were enlisted to help with the first show. “After that, things just took off.” Remembers J. Michael.
The band changed from its original idea of a fluid lineup and a strict 'recording only' vision to a five piece core with a variety of guests.
In addition to a cast of guest performers, The Silent Comedy is known for its frequent instrument changes, and lively stage antics. Their live show has become their defining characteristic.

In late 2007 The Silent Comedy began work on an untitled EP. With songs recorded at XIV Recorders with Brian Karscig of Louis XIV (Atlantic Records) producing. The project promises to be the band’s best studio representation to date. “Until now the live show was the thing to see.” Says J. Benedict. “This recording finally captures a bit of what we try to bring to the show.”
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