An Intimate Night With NEON TREES

An Intimate Night With NEON TREES

Neon Trees (10:00 PM)

Nico Vega (9:15 PM)

APT (8:30 PM)

Tue, April 10, 2012

8:00 pm


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This event is all ages

An Intimate Night With NEON TREES Exclusive “Picture Show” Pre-Release Performance / Limited Tickets Available

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Neon Trees - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Neon Trees
Hailed by Rolling Stone as "a New Wave pop powerhouse," Neon Trees first united in 2006 and instantly attracted acclaim and attention for their kaleidoscopic sound and affirmative vision, showcased on 2010's extraordinary debut album, HABITS. The album proved a phenomenon from the start, ascending to #1 on Billboard's "Heatseekers Albums" chart following the breakthrough success of its lead single, "Animal." A true international smash with 75 million streams to date, "Animal" reached the upper regions of an array of airplay and sales charts, including #1 on Billboard's "Alternative Songs" chart - the band's first ever #1 single. Now certified 2x platinum by the RIAA, "Animal" eventually received "Top Alternative Song" honors at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, while also being featured in a long list of TV, film, and video game soundtracks and advertising campaigns. PICTURE SHOW followed two years later, highlighted by the 4x platinum certified blockbuster, "Everybody Talks", Neon Trees' first single to reach the top 10 on Billboard's "Hot 100" as well as their first ever #1 on the "Hot AC" chart. The song has been streamed 130 million times to date. POP PSYCHOLOGY made a stunning top-10 debut on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 upon its April 2014 release - Neon Trees' highest chart placement to date. The album's popular success was driven in large part by the multi-format smash single/video, "Sleeping With A Friend," now certified gold by the RIAA for sales and streams in excess of 41 million.
The Provo, UT-based band is currently hard at work in the studio, preparing the eagerly awaited follow-up to their 3rd album, 2014's acclaimed POP PSYCHOLOGY. "It seems strange to say this but: We're back," wrote Neon Trees in a recent Facebook post. "It's been three years since our last album, and after years of being a band together, touring the world and living the dreams of our youth, we took an important break, one that's refreshed all of us and refocused what our band is and what we want to do next...Thank you for being with us all these years, and we can't wait to show you all what we've been up to and what we have in store."
Nico Vega - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Nico Vega
For NICO VEGA, unpredictability is an art. The Los Angeles trio crafts raw, ethereal and vibrant rock that defies boundaries. The band is set to release their self- titled debut in early 2009 via MySpace Records, and it's quite a sonic statement. Linda Perry (Pink, Jewel, Gwen Stefani) and Tim Edgar (Earl Greyhound) were both at the production helm, and Tchad Blake (Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel) handled mixing. NICO VEGA channels a classic swagger a la Led Zeppelin, and they update it with soaring, soulful vocals somewhere between Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey. "Burn Burn" couples Rich's raucous surf guitar with Aja's hypnotic crooning and theatrical cadence. Meanwhile, "Beast" builds on a bombastic drumbeat courtesy of Dan, and it brandishes a frenetic, fiery lead. The trio also utilizes flourishes of electronic music and orchestral melodies to further expand their sound. Rock needs NICO VEGA right now, and there's no doubt they're going to make an impression on everyone that comes under their spell.
There's a classic mysticism at the heart of their sound. Aja comments, "Our sound is pure, melodic and honest. It's not really tricky. It hints at the past, but it's not fully tied to it. We don't censor what we do. We're not thinking about what's cool. We're thinking about what sounds good to us." On songs like "Million Years," bluesy licks segue into hazy counter melodies, as Aja's magnetic vocals take over. She can simultaneously scream and seduce, and it's hard to deny her. Lyrically, she's writing about life and living free. "The lyrics aren't political. They're about the people and for the people. I think it's important to say something when you're making art. I like to celebrate individuality and equality. It's important to be who you are. It's time to get excited and be hopeful again." The uplifting and spacey "Wooden Dolls" further illuminates that theme.
The band has been an L.A. club draw since their inception in 2004 because they turn each show into an experience. Dan evinces their philosophy about playing live. "This is a town that thrives on premieres and big events. It's our goal to create that vibe around our gigs. We try and make each one something special. Rich and Aja's energy is what drew me to the band in the first place. It's not shoegazer rock. It's aggressive, in-your-face rock n' roll. Our goal is to have the power and substance of a great rock show. We could take it to David Bowie territory or we could strip everything down to nothing." The band has that range, and the fans leave with a connection. "The live show is about making contact," says Aja. "If I don't make contact with the people there, I totally feel like I've robbed them of the experience. It doesn't feel real to me unless I'm connecting."
The band's name also holds a deep significance. Aja explains, "We named the band after our ex-drummer's mother. Even though she seemed like an ordinary person, she was actually a modern American saint. After I heard her story, I was able to change things about myself that I'd needed to confront for a long time. We all decided it was a beautiful name, and it made us realize that modern day saints are average people who get through huge struggles. What they go through can impact so many people. Rather than ideal idols, our saints should be real people, because they're no different than we are." That name ties into the band's message as well. "I want fans to feel liberated after they listen to our music," says Rich. "I want them to feel like they can go do something positive."
Ultimately, this is a pure emotional release, and it's easy to latch onto. Rich concludes, "Everything we do comes out of us naturally. We're a combination of all the stuff that we love. At the end, it's still
NICO VEGA, and it's complete self-expression." It's also freedom, and music could use a lot more of that. – Rick Florino
APT - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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