Mystic Braves----CANCELED

Mystic Braves

Windows, The Pesos

All Ages
This show has been canceled...please seek refunds at point of purchase.

Mystic Braves

The Mystic Braves embody a century of boundary-pushing Southern California creativity—from the birth of Hollywood in the early 1900s to the lysergic mania of the psychedelic '60s to the pure-pop bliss of the '80s Paisley Underground to the new wave of streetwise garage rock that's right now blasting at top volume from some East LA nightclub. Mystic Braves deliver that legacy in their records: last year’s The Great Unknown pares down their previous peregrinations—shelving the exotic instrumentation of 2015's Days of Yesteryear and the fuzztone feedback of 2014's Desert Island and 2013's debut Mystic Braves—for classic, unforgettable songwriting. It's not that the Braves have abandoned the weird, but rather the weird is now but another color in a prismatic palette. The Great Unknown finds bassist Tony Malacara and drummer Cameron Gartung pulling tempos like taffy and adding expansive backing vocals, while rhythm guitarist Shane Stotsenberg and organist Ignacio Gonzalez fill in mesmerising sonic filigree. With his searing guitar and dreamy, yearning voice, bandleader Julian Ducatenzeiler steers the ship right and true.They deliver that legacy in their lifestyle, too. The band members spent their early days living and playing together in a two-bedroom Echo Park house that was also headquarters to Lolipop Records—the family label founded in 2013 that's since become one of the prime movers of the international psych-rock scene. And while being embraced by LA's music cognoscenti, Mystic Braves went global via the fashion world when iconoclastic Yves Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane hand-picked them to soundtrack the luxury brand's spring collection in Paris in 2015.They bring that legacy to the stage, as well. After playing countless shows across the U.S. & Europe over the years and performing at festivals like Desert Daze, Burgerama and Austin Psych Fest—alongside acts such as the Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Zombies—they've developed their live act into a energized outburst of sing-along-able tunes, tight instrumental interplay and all-around good, gooey vibes. Like their sound in general, their shows take well-studied composure right to the edge of barely controlled chaos.

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LA-based country-psych band Windows was founded in 2019 by Matteo Arias (Mystic Braves/Golden Animals) and Spencer Alarcon, joined later by Australian bassist Sam Wotherspoon. Windows melds old California country, classic surf rock, and West Coast psychedelia into a jangly pop sound all their own. Late last year, the band added Mystic Braves front-man Julian Ducatenzeiler and producer Ian Doer to the lineup. Windows has already shared stages with Levitation Room, The Pesos, and the Cosmonauts, and is currently recording their debut album, set to release later this year.

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The Pesos

For a band so identified with the beaches of southern California, it originated in the desert at a New Year’s Eve Allah-Las’ gig when Matt Correia suggested that Yaan Pessino and Joey Bonano start a band. Mulling it over in the Amigo Room bar, at a table with pesos strewn haphazardly under glass, they found their name. With the encouragement of The Growlers—before the first Beach Goth— The Pesos quickly set to work. A following soon caught on and the band participated in the first three Beach Goth festivals. They strengthened their position with a series of self-released cassettes, recording with Matt Mcluer and Kyle Mullarky. On the strength of Casual Encounters #1 and 2, they signed with a Los Angeles label and in 2018 released Laissez Faire on Lolipop Records. Over the years, the lineup has changed with Pessino and Bonano remaining the two constants. In 2015, they made the important acquisition of Brendan Sepe on bass; they enlisted Nick Murray on drums (Thee Oh Sees, White Fence)—who appears on Laissez Faire ; and, after Murray’s departure, their old friend Derek Wheeler (Entrance Band, Mazzy Star) stepped in on drums. The band has come a long way since their beach town beginnings and has brought their Pacific-specific shambolic guitar-driven sound up & down the West Coast.

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Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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