K'noup Welcomes

K'noup Welcomes

Fabriq, Little Galaxies, Dig The Kid, David Ayscue, Piper Hays

$12.00 - $18.00
All Ages
See Fabriq with Little Galaxies, Dig the Kid & David Ayscue & Piper Hays!


Fabriq is a progressive pop duo comprised of LA natives Daniel Dávila and Cooper Bell. The duo released three singles in their first year as collaborators that racked up millions of impressions, 1.3m video views, 500k+ Spotify streams, and 73k+ Soundcloud streams. Dávila and Bell are inspired by the likes of Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Jamiroquai along with stylistic contributions of 70s and 80s artists such as Prince and Michael Jackson. The two released their latest video for “Get Behind the Feeling” in May 2018 with an exclusive premiere on Billboard.com saying it “evokes the soul-force of Prince and the pop-funk of recent Calvin Harris” while “the lyric is unique to the experiences of the 22-year-olds, as it critiques the limbo between fear of commitment.” In addition to their work as a duo, Daniel and Cooper both work as songwriters and musicians in collaboration with other artists and have shared the stage with artists including Kanye West, Little Big Town, Hunter Hayes, Gladys Knight, and Stevie Wonder. They opened for Grammy-nominated act, Coastcity, at the Echoplex in 2018. The two came out with their self titled debut EP on April 11th, 2019.

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Little Galaxies

Little Galaxies is a band formed in Venice Beach, California by Amir Eshraghi and Jeanna Fournier. “True to their name, the band does sound a bit like something from outer space” (Bay Bridged). Their sound draws influence from psychedelic rock, pop, folk, and soul while experimenting with inter-dimensional textures to create a sonic microcosm of their own.

Fournier and Eshraghi started Little Galaxies while falling in love in Venice Beach and first emerged in 2013 with the release of their debut album Patterns, recorded, mixed and co-produced by Sejo Navajas at the historic 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica (The Beach Boys, No Doubt, Incubus). Following the album, Little Galaxies played shows and festivals all over Southern California, toured up the West Coast and to Austin, Texas.

Their music has caught the attention of several notable music blogs including Earmilk, Buzzbands LA, OC Weekly, and The Bay Bridged. They won The Deli Magazine's "Emerging Los Angeles Artist of the Year" award with a feature in their SXSW print edition and Radio KSCR's "Best Music Video" & "Best Feel Good Video" awards for their single "Tonight." Little Galaxies composed the closing song of the documentary SOS: The Salton Sea Walk at the request of Mayor of the Salton Sea's West Shores, Kerry Morrison.

After a 3 year hiatus due to Fournier incurring injuries from a car accident, Little Galaxies made a triumphant comeback last year with shows at LA's premiere venues including The Satellite, Bootleg Theatre, The Hotel Cafe, and Townhouse Venice. Their enigmatic live shows are hypnotizing audiences across Los Angeles as they explore the outer limits through their expansive collection of effects pedals, theremin playing, and cosmic dancing. The band has released two singles "Out in Control" and "It's Natural" off their upcoming sophomore LP "Waking Sea" due this Winter. Their current lineup includes Andreas Sandnes on bass and Lucas Crouch on drums, who recently took over the kit after Christian Johnson left Los Angeles following the recording of the new album. The group is set to release their latest single "Another World" on November 8th.

"Through headphones, Little Galaxies' music, upheld by singer Jeanna Fournier's smoky vocals, can blow you away, so just imagine what it can do during a live set” (OC Weekly).

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DIG THE KID was birthed by a pair of originative artists, who use the phrase “opposites attract” to their advantage. Drummer Lisa “Dig” Mongelli models the tattooed bad girl image of rock n’ roll while Singer Cory “Kid” Todd’s reserved handsome good ol’ boy look sets the two apart from being anything alike. The commonality of their music and creativity allows the power duo to emulate pushing shuffle on a favorite’s playlist. Their recorded songs and live shows remind you what it’s like to play music without boundaries. Both being multi-instrumentalist allows them to write and perform from a different perspective, giving their music depth, receptivity and unconceivable showmanship.

Discovered by Jeff Greenberg, owner of the world renown Village Studios in LA,allowed Dig the Kid to catch their first big break at creating and recording their incredibly licensed catalog. Because of that opportunity, they were able to start licensing their songs to shows such as Shameless, ESPN, Open Road Films, Kingdom, Gabriel Iglesias, etc. Launching their career with a 5 song placement in Shameless lead them to more opportunities such as a 4 song campaign with the famous women’s clothing line bebe, the theme song to Point Break, and numerous placements throughout the film and T.V. Industry. With the Point Break single “Still Breathing”, they were able to reach millions of listeners, fans and connections worldwide to help license more substantial opportunities with major network T.V shows such as UFC (main title fight theme song), Jeep/Chrysler, Shazam, Go Pro’s Sonoma Raceway and the Expanse. It didn’t take them long to make a regular courtship with licensors abroad.

Dig the Kid has carried a promising and lucrative career but not in just song writing and licensing. Their over the top performance on stage has granted them special guest stars such as Robby Krieger from the Doors and Scott Page from Pink Floyd to grace their live show. Their collaboration concept has scored them a spot on the new City of Hope Soundtrack with Robby (end of summer release), among many other network blends. Finishing up their new EP at Horse Latitude with engineer and producer Michael Dumas and The Village Recorder will put them in a great position for late night T.V. shows, sizable tours and a campaign run at the Grammy’s. Shows and festivals supporting bands like Sheppard, P.O.D., Hoobastank, Rise Against, Offspring etc. has earned them the experience and maturity for consistent advancement, leading them to infinite possibilities.

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David Ayscue

David Ayscue is an LA-based singer/songwriter. He has toured throughout California and the Northeast US, selling out the Hotel Cafe Mainstage (LA) for his album release show in April 2019, while also packing legendary stages like the Troubadour (LA) and Rockwood Music Hall (NYC). His songs detail the loves, characters, anxieties and adventures that have colored his journey thus far with a poetic vividness that takes much inspiration from the early works of Bruce Springsteen. His shows are big & energetic, yet at moments reveal deeper levels of introspection and sincerity. In an instant, his concerts will turn from a raucous explosion of dancing and merriment to an attentive listening session. Powerhouse vocals, guitar, saxophone, piano - he and his band have honed their chops from years of playing in bars, backyards, weddings, parties — you name it, they’ve done it. His debut album Southwood Waltz reveals a man at the crossroads of adolescence and adulthood, grateful for his past experiences and yet apprehensive towards the future. Other musical influences include John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, and Theo Katzman, among many others.

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Piper Hays

Music has guided Piper across every stepping stone of her life. After leaving college in the winter of 2016, music brought Piper all over Europe, expanding her mind and repertoire, allowing her to make amazing connections with folks all over the world and eventually guiding her to Sam Phillips Recording studio. Piper has always been able to find beauty in every day things along her unique path of life which has helped her write moving and grooving songs.

While she pulls inspiration from many things, Piper finds that human connection is her greatest source of creativity. Her album "Vagablonde" travels through feelings of love, betrayal, promiscuity, comfort and compassion. She writes from personal experiences and whether it's about good times or bad, Piper's songs are her way of telling the story of her journey.

Piper's sound encompasses a foot tapping, sly, and sultry combination of soul, rock and roll, jazz, and blues. She continuously searches for music with a little extra "swampiness" as she has her whole life. Growing up in a small beach town in Southern California definitely shaped her music, but Piper loves the gritty sounds that were born in places like Memphis and New Orleans. With this she has created a sound she likes to call "astro-soul".

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Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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