Wye Oak

Wye Oak (10:00 PM)

The Californian (9:15 PM)

Line & Circle (8:30 PM)

Thu, February 23, 2012

8:00 pm

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Wye Oak - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Wye Oak
On March 8, Merge will release Wye Oak's third album, Civilian on CD, LP and digital download (March 7 on City Slang in Europe).

Wye Oak wrote what became Civilian between December of 2009 and July of 2010. The songs "are, as a whole, about aloneness (the positive kind), loneliness (the horrible kind), moving on, and letting go (of people, places, and things)," lyricist/guitarist Jenn Wasner reveals.

After recording and mixing the previous two albums themselves, Wye Oak brought in mixing engineer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Shearwater), who played a pivotal role in the sound of Civilian. "JC definitely pushed us into some exciting and sometimes scary new territory," multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack says. "It was the most that Jenn and I had ever relinquished control of our music to someone else, but it gave us a chance to step back and see the big picture, whereas on previous recordings we got embroiled in the technical details."

Civilian is a kind of 21st-century folk music, imbued with dense shoegaze guitars, nearly melodic rhythms, and impeccable splashes of electronic color. Without leaning on conventional structure, the songs beguile with fascinating chords and melodies, Jenn's voice and riveting lyrics, mesmerizing rhythms, and an intoxicating aural landscape. Just as good writing has meaning between the lines, Civilian has meaning between the sounds: the combinations of harmonies, timbres, and words summon vivid and ineffable associations just beyond reach.

Jenn sums up the meaning of the album saying, "this collection of songs is called Civilian because I believe everyone wants to be normal, but no one truly is."

Wye Oak is Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack.
The Californian - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
The Californian
"Perhaps one of the hardest working indie bands in Los Angeles, The Californian is pleased to announce their self-titled debut album, available this September.

Formed in 2007 by singer/guitarist John Graney, the Californian was born from Graney's dream of creating a modern day surf act. The early years of the young band saw a galore of line-up changes with members of Phantom Planet, Warpaint, The Bird and the Bee, and The Henry Clay People, coming and going. However, with five years under their belts, the Californian's lineup has solidified with guitarist Jonathan Price, drummer Michael Hopkins, and bassist Jake Gideon.

Without the help and comfort of a label, The Californian's hardworking D.I.Y. aesthetic has proven to be beneficial during their first four years of existence. Following the self-release of the band's 2010 EP 'Sea of Love' and a plethora of West Coast gigs, The Californian took to fan funding platform Kickstarter to raise the money for their debut full-length. Within 45 days, the band not only made the $5,000 in which they set out to raise, but surpassed their goal with a total of $9,238.

With vocals and guitars seeped in reverb and gritted with sand, the new 12 song collection of dreamy surf rock provides the perfect soundtrack to a modern day sock hop. Recorded at Dave's Room in North Hollywood, the album was produced by Jeff Halbert (Nick Cave, St. Vincent, Rickie Lee Jones) and mastered by JJ Golden(Sonic Youth, Puro Instincto, Superchunk). While The Californian are celebrated for their summery surf riffs, the band is surely not a one trick pony. Songs like "Who Killed The Lights" and "A Billion Grains of Sand" showcase the band's gorgeous, sun drenched harmonies and energy fueled arrangements while "Girl in the Moon Pt. 1" exemplifies the bands' ability to produce an infectious down tempo clap-along song.
Line & Circle - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Line & Circle
Line & Circle was born of the collaboration between Brian J. Cohen & Brian Egan, friends and
bandmates who met at college in the Midwest. Cohen was from Akron, Ohio, pre-med and pennyloafered
and overtly Anglophilic. Egan was the quiet guy down the hall, the classically trained
pianist, born and raised in Dayton, with Guided by Voices playing through his ever-shut door.
So…two guys named Brian from the Midwest.
But also, lines and circles are the elements of, well, everything. The shapes that formed the essence of
the very first cave paintings. The forms that make up every letter of every alphabet in every language.
And now, the ones and zeros that make up binary code. An entire history of communication, stripped
back to its essence, leads to these two simple shapes.
Yes, everything. For as long as we’ve been here.
The two Brians moved to California. Their lives were binary now too, divided into before and
after. Before was the place they came from–––Ohio, with its blue-collar spirit, familiar apple-cheeked
faces, and long cold winters–––and after was the place they went to–––Los Angeles, with its jammed
freeways and long-haired girls and relentlessly good weather.
They had no choice but to buy sunglasses and write songs.
Their new material was leaner than their previous collaborations, and yet somehow bigger. Less trees,
more sky. Their early demos caught the ear of White Iris’ Lewis Pesacov, who previously produced
debut albums for Best Coast and Nikki Lane. They took to the studio, along with a newly formed
band, including guitarist Eric Neujahr, bassist Nathan Gammill and drummer Nick Cisik. There, with
nods to early 4AD dream pop and chiming I.R.S. Records-era guitar rock, the group pared the songs
to their essence–––there’s that word again–––simple melodic phrases and hooky ostinatos that
subvert the complications of the lyrics. The result is this first release, a 7” on White Iris Records.
Recorded live, Roman Ruins (side A) and Carelessness (side B) are soaring and dark and glittering
and nostalgic, like the soundtrack to an epic coming-of-age story.
So, two songs. Two guys named Brian. Two shapes. Ohio and California.
Cave paintings. Line & Circle. Everything, forever.
Debut 7” single Roman Ruins / Carelessness out 7/10/12 on White Iris.
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