K'NAAN (10:00 PM)

City Of The Sun (9:00 PM)

Sat, November 17, 2012

8:00 pm


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This event is all ages

K'NAAN's album Country, God or the Girl is out today. The album features special guests Bono, Mark Foster, Keith Richards, will.i.am, Ryan Tedder, and Nas. Rolling Stone premiered a mini-doc today at http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/knaan-mini-documentary-goes-inside-rappers-life-premiere-20121016. Please post this anywhere and everywhere to help promote your show.

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K'NAAN - (Set time: 10:00 PM)

The name alone conjures up images of unbridled destruction, merciless warlords and ruthless terror. A place where nobody—children, the elderly, religious figures—is safe from the atrocities of war, and where the idea of "childhood," where 8-year olds handle AK-47s like toys, exists in chronological terms alone. When Forbes magazine recently unveiled their "Most Dangerous Destinations," Somalia, above Iraq and Afghanistan, topped the list.

But it's also "The Nation of Poets," where a poem can both inspire peace and end wars. Where every weekend, regardless of the climate, one can find a play or concert at a local theatre.

Growing up, it was both of these Somalias that informed musician/emcee K'NAAN Warsame, whose sophomore album Troubadour will be released in January 2009. The grandson of Haji Mohamed, one of Somalia's most famous poets, and nephew of famed Somali singer Magool, the emcee is creating his own musical path through reggae, funk, pop, soul and, above all, hip-hop.

Recorded primarily in Kingston, Jamaica where K'NAAN was granted unprecedented access by his friends Stephen and Damian Marley to their father Bob Marley's original home studio at 56 Hope Road and the legendary Tuff Gong studios Troubadour is a hip-hop album like no other. K'NAAN successfully blends samples and live instrumentation for a sound that's both rooted in traditional African melodies and the classic hip-hop tradition.
City Of The Sun - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
City Of The Sun
Meet City of the Sun, the Indie/Flamenco/Rock guitar duo taking New York City by storm.

COS was born in 2010, in subways, streets, and local bars, where they gained an enthusiatic and devoted fan following. Founding musicians John Pita and Adam Road began playing small shows at bars and cafés throughout the city. Along the way, they had opportunity to collaborate with the likes of Steve Kazee, Lucas Papaelias, and Oscar Isaac. The band completed a residency at Hotel Chantelle and continue to perform around Manhattan, notably: famed production Sleep No More, acclaimed Broadway show Once cast parties, the Mondrian Hotel, Milk Studios, the Double Seven, the Bowery Hotel, and the Ford Project Gallery.

In October 2012, COS introduced newest member Avi Snow. They continue to record and develop their sound, building upon the guitar rhythm and riff foundation with vocals and electronic soundscapes.

Audiences are amazed by the skill the young guitarists have cultivated--fans have described them as "tremendous", "powerful", "mesmerizing", and "a re-invention of acoustic music." They have been interviewed for the Nylon Guys Magazine blog, among others:

The Mixing Board: "They are untouchable."

Arcade 44: "BLOWN AWAY. There could not be anything better, than to see young musicians paying tribute AND doing justice to a beloved genre of the past."
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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