Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler (9:30 PM)

Honey County (8:30 PM)

Sun, December 4, 2016

8:00 pm

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Kevin Fowler - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Kevin Fowler
“We’re coming to a honky tonk near you, A little hardcore troubadour
hillbilly blues Bringing country back, a little old a little new
,We’re coming to a honky tonk near you” The title song off of the new album by independent veteran country artist Kevin Fowler
pretty well sums up his sound, approach, and endless work ethic. Steeped in the old school charm of classic country music, amped up with a modern energy all his own, and steadily touring from one packed house of honky tonk dieh ards to another, Kevin Fowler makes music on his own terms for the thousands and thousands of loyal fans he’s earned down through the years.
To see Kevin Fowler in concert is more than just a show: it’
s an experience. The Amarillo, Texas native’s
wild-eyed charisma breathes new life into old favorites like “Beer Bait & Ammo” and “The Lord Loves A Drinkin’ Man,”
his twangy vocals riding atop the honky tonk groove of his ace backing band. Few performers in country music are as naturally gifted at leading the crowd in a good time, whether it’s in a crowded dancehall or the wide open spaces of an outdoor festival.
And few things amp up a busy musician’s energy level quite
like a brand new album to release: this autumn, Kevin Fowler will be bringing the freshnew material of Coming To A Honky Tonk Near Youto his fans around the nation “Sometimes the recording process can be grueling, but this record was a pleasure to make,”
Fowler beams when asked about the new project.

I recorded it with my good buddy Trent Willmon.
I think it really shows in the final product when you are just having a great time making music with your friends. "It’s a downhome feast of new tunes, kicked off by the aforementioned theme song that lays out Fowler and his band’s mission to bring real
-deal country music to the people that love and appreciate it the most. According to the man himself, "As I was trying to decide which songs to cut, these eight songs stood out to me and immediately became my favorites. I think our
fans are going to love this record as much as I do. This is best thing I’ve done since Loose, Loud and Crazyand I can’t wait for everyone to hear it."Listeners may have
already caught the first single, “Sellout Song,” or the accompanying video; a collaboration with fellow Texas songwriter Zane Williams, it’s Fowler’s catchy comical take on the modern trend of hip
-hop beats and phrases finding their way into mainstream Top 40
country music. Elsewhere he rattles off drunken advent
ures on one number (“Bouncer”) then switches gears to the sincere, humble likes of “Living Proof” or the affectionate ode to his home state on “Texas Forever.”Speaking of Texas, it would be hard to understand Kevin Fowler’s unique spot in the
modern musicaluniverse without a little context of just what his home state has meant to his career. The Lone Star State, for those who aren’t already familiar, has a healthy regional country music industry that’s largely independent of the Nashville system. I
t’s a breeding ground for singers, songwriters, and musicians steeped in traditional country but empowered to write and play the kind of music that doesn’t necessarily conform to modern
trends and expectations. After an early stint playing guitar in the popular ‘80s metal band Dangerous Toys
–did we mention that he’s had an unconventional music career?
–Fowler steered hard back towards his country roots, forming his own band and playing the sort of songs his deep Texas twang was always best suited for anyway.
That detour wasn’t an easy path :countless miles on the road, long nights on cramped stages in front of small crowds, and recording on a shoestring budget just to get his new original songs heard. But
year after year it paid off. Those crowds got bigger and bigger, those songs found their way onto regional playlists, and those self
-produced records started to sell well into the tens of
thousands. Within a few years there were enough Kevin Fowler fans out there to pack the biggest honky
-tonks in Texas and beyond making him one of the state’s most popular acts“
I think some bands have fans, but our fans are more like my road family,” Fowler affectionately claims.
“They have been coming to our shows and having fun with us for
over 16 years now.”With that kind of momentum, even the Nashville music industry couldn’t help but notice and Fowler couldn’t help but take the gamble on extending the reach of his music across
the country and beyond. It paid off in many ways: he landed deals with a couple of Nashville record labels, charted with a handful of singles (including the Top 40 hit “Pound Sign”) and albums, recorded a duet with the legendary George Jones
, toured Europe and worked with other hitmakers like Sammy Kershaw, Mark Chesnutt,and Montgomery Gentry. Along the way he saw his home state popularity continue to soar and landed atop
the bill at some of Texas’ biggest festivals. By the time he stepped back into the independent scene with his 2014 release
How Country Are Ya?, homegrown acts that
Fowler had influenced and collaborated with Granger Smith, Cody Johnson, and Josh Abbott among them
–were joining him at the top of the list of the region’s most in demand artists. In the year 2016,Fowler can proudly say, “This is our eighth studio albumand I really think it s going to be a fan favorite.” And Kevin Fowler still is what he always was: a “Panhandle Poorboy” from Amarillo who loved country music so much that one day he decided to make
his own, who has figured out how to do it bigger and better over two decades of hard work, dedication, and always going that extra mile to reach out to the fans that make it all
possible. Still “Loose, Loud, & Crazy,” still “100% Texan,” and always Coming to A Honky Tonk Near You.
Honey County - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Honey County
Founding member Dani Rose began her Country Music career after she moved to Los Angeles from Virginia and opened for LeAnn Rimes. Her original singles were tapped for notable iTunes placements on the iTunes Country and Hot Pop charts and in 2014 she created the band Honey County, inviting A-list players and singers Leeann Skoda and Devon Jane to join her. "Leeann's voice and her harmonies are so gorgeous, and when I saw a video of Devon playing for Keith Urban at the ACM's it was a done deal" says Dani, "I think what really sets us apart, besides musical chemistry and our three part harmony blend, we all trust each other and have the same values”. Within six months of playing together, the girls voices caught ears across the country when they were picked as semi-finalists on VH1’s “Make A Band Famous”. In August 2014, their first single “Blood From A Stone” gained popularity with a feature on HBO’s TRUE BLOOD, and began spinning on the fan-favorite Los Angeles indie radio station, KCRW with local airplay as well on iHeartMedia’s 2014 CMA Award winning station, WPOC 93.1 in Baltimore, MD. The trio went on to release a second single, '99 Bottles' which quickly caught the ear of SoCal's Country radio station, Go Country 105 and was selected as one of seven finalists in the 34th annual Country Showdown. The girls recorded their self titled debut EP in Los Angeles, CA with award winning producer Ryan Williams (Kelly Clarkson, Train, P!nk, Adam Lambert) at Pulse Recording. Splitting their time between Los Angeles and Nashville, the band is currently writing new music while they tour the SoCal festival and large theatre circuit opening for Chase Rice, Easton Corbin, David Nail, Clare Dunn & Dylan Scott.
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